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Description:InputV:36V; 600mW; high precision voltage reference
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:-25 to 85
Datasheet:PDF (3.79M).
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The AD588 represents a major advance in the state-of-the-art in monolithic voltage references. Low initial error and low temperature drift give the AD588 absolute accuracy performance previously not available in monolithic form. The AD588 uses a proprietary ion-implanted buried Zener diode, and laser-waferdrift trimming of high stability thin-film resistors to provide outstanding performance at low cost. The AD588 includes the basic reference cell and three additional amplifiers which provide pin-programmable output ranges. The amplifiers are laser-trimmed for low offset and low drift to maintain the accuracy of the reference. The amplifiers are configured to allow Kelvin connections to the load and/or boosters for driving long lines or high-current loads, delivering the full accuracy of the AD588 where it is required in the application circuit. The low initial error allows the AD588 to be used as a system reference in precision measurement applications requiring 12-bit absolute accuracy. In such systems, the AD588 can provide a known voltage for system calibration in software and the low drift allows compensation for the drift of other components in a system. Manual system calibration and the cost of periodic recalibration can therefore be eliminated. Furthermore, the mechanical instability of a trimming potentiometer and the potential for improper calibration can be eliminated by using the AD588 in conjunction autocalibration software. The AD588 is available in seven versions. The AD588 JQ and KQ grades are packaged in a 16-pin cerdip and are specified for 0C to +70C operation. AD588AQ and BQ grades are packaged in a 16-pin cerdip and are specified for the 25C to +85C industrial temperature range. The ceramic AD588SQ and TQ grades are specified for the full military/aerospace temperature range. For military surface mount applications, the AD588SE and TE grades are also available in 20-pin LCC packages.

Click here to download AD588SQ Datasheet
Click here to download AD588SQ Datasheet
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