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Description: 5V,12-Bit nanoDAC, Serial Interface in MSOP and LFCSP Packages
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (794K).
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The AD5626, a member of the nanoDAC family, is a complete serial input, 12-bit, voltage output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designed to operate from a single 5 V supply. It contains the DAC, input shift register and latches, reference, and a railto-rail output amplifier. The AD5626 monolithic DAC offers the user low cost and ease of use in 5 V only systems. Coding for the AD5626 is natural binary with the MSB loaded first. The output op amp can swing to either rail and is set to a range of 0 V to 4.095 V for a one-millivolt-per-bit resolution. It is capable of sinking and sourcing 5 mA. An on-chip reference is laser trimmed to provide an accurate full-scale output voltage of 4.095 V.

Click here to download AD5626BRMZ Datasheet
Click here to download AD5626BRMZ Datasheet
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