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Description:Two's Complement, Dual 12-Bit DACs, Internal REF
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (336K).
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The AD5399 is the industr y-first dual 12-bit digital-to-analog converter that accepts twos complement digital coding with 2 V dc offset for single-supply operation. Augmented with a built-in precision reference and a solid buffer amplifier, the AD5399 is the smallest self-contained 12-bit precision DAC that fits many general-purpose as well as DSP specific applications. The twos complement programming facilitates the natural coding implementation commonly found in DSP applications, and allows operation in single supply. The AD5399 provides a 2 V reference output, VREF, for bipolar zero monitoring. It can also be used for other on-board components that require a precision reference. The device is specified for operation from 5 V 10% single supply with bipolar output swing from 0 V to 4 V centered at 2 V.

Click here to download AD5399YRMZ Datasheet
Click here to download AD5399YRMZ Datasheet
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