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Description:11V; quad ultrahigh-speed Pin driver with high-Z and V -term mode. For automatic test equipment, semiconductor test systems, board test systems, intrumentation
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (92.1K).
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The AD53513 is a quad high-speed pin driver designed for use in digital or mixed-signal test systems. Combining a high-speed monolithic process with a convenient surface-mount package, this product attains superb electrical performance while preserving optimum packaging densities and long-term reliability in a 100-lead, LQFP package with built-in heat sink. Featuring unity gain programmable output levels of 2.5 V to +5.5 V, with output swing capability of less than 200 mV to 8 V, the AD53513 is designed to stimulate ECL, TTL, and CMOS logic families, as well as high-speed memory. The 1.0 Gb/s data rate capacity and matched output impedance allow for real-time stimulation of these digital logic families. To test I/O devices, the pin driver can be switched into a high impedance state (Inhibit Mode), electrically removing the driver from the path. The pin driver leakage current in inhibit is typically 100 nA and output charge transfer entering inhibit is typically less than 20 pC.

Click here to download AD53513JSQ Datasheet
Click here to download AD53513JSQ Datasheet
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