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Description:High speed, fast setting IC operational amplifier. For D/A and A/D conversion, wireband amplifiers, multiplexers, pulse amplifiers
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:0 to 70
Datasheet:PDF (1M).
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The ADS09j, ADS09K and ADS09S are monolithic operational amplifiers specifically designed for applications requiring fast settling times to high accuracy. Other comparable dynamic parameters include a small signal bandwidth of 2OMHz, slew rate of lOOV/JlS min and a full power response of 150kHz min. The devices are internally compensated for all closed loop gains greater than 3, and are compensated with a single capacitor for lower gains. The input characteristics of the AD.509 are consistent with 0.01 % accuracy over limited temperature ranges; offset current is 2SnA max, offset voltage is 8mV max, nullable to' zero, and offset voltage drift is limited to 30p.V/'C max. PSRR and CMRR are typically 90dB.

Click here to download AD509JH Datasheet
Click here to download AD509JH Datasheet
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