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Description:High Performance Multibit DAC with SACD Playback
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (259K).
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The AD1955 is a complete high performance single-chip stereo digital audio playback system. It is comprised of a multibit sigma-delta modulator, high performance digital interpolation filters, and continuoustime differential current output DAC section. Other features include an on-chip clickless stereo attenuator, mute capability, programmed through an SPI-compatible serial control port. The AD1955 is fully compatible with all known DVD audio formats including 192kHz as well as 96kHz sample frequencies and 24-bits. It also is backwards compatible by supporting 50/15s digital de-emphasis intended for "redbook" Compact Discs, as well as de-emphasis at 32kHz and 48kHz sample rate. The AD1955 has a very flexible serial data input port that allows for glueless interconnection to a variety of ADCs, DSPs, SACD decoder, external digital filter, AES/EBU receivers and sample rate converters. The AD1955 can be configured in Left-justified, I2S, Right-Justified, or DSP serial port compatible modes. It can support MSB first, twoscompliment format, 16, 18, 20 and 24 bits in all standard PCM modes. Also the AD1955 has an interface for SACD playback and an external digital filter interface for use with an external digital interpolation filter or HDCD decoder. The AD1955 uses a +5 V power supply. It is fabricated on a single monolithic integrated circuit and is housed in a 28pin SSOP package for operation over the temperature range -400C to +1050C.

Click here to download AD1955 Datasheet
Click here to download AD1955 Datasheet
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