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Description:CMOS TIA IS-54 Baseband Receive Port
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (591K).
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The receive path consists of two high performance sigma-delta ADCs, each followed by a FIR digital filter. A primary and auxiliary set of IQ differential analog inputs are provided, where either can be selected as inputs to the sigma-delta ADCs. Also, a choice of two frequency responses are available for the receive FIR filters; a Root-Raised-Cosine filter for digital mode or a brick wall response for analog mode. Differential analog inputs are provided for both I and Q channels. On-chip calibration logic is also provided to remove either on-chip offsets or remove system offsets. A 16-bit serial interface is provided, interfacing easily to most DSPs. The receive path also provides a means to vary the sampling instant, giving a resolution to 1/32 of a symbol interval.

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Click here to download 7013 Datasheet
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