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Description:CMOS, 5μs 8-Bit Sampling ADC
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (146K).
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The AD7575 is a high speed 8-bit ADC with a built-in track/ hold function. The successive approximation conversion technique is used to achieve a fast conversion time of 5 s, while the built-in track/hold allows full-scale signals up to 50 kHz (386 mV/s slew rate) to be digitized. The AD7575 requires only a single +5 V supply and a low cost, 1.23 V bandgap reference in order to convert an input signal range of 0 to 2 VREF. The AD7575 is designed for easy interfacing to all popular 8-bit microprocessors using standard microprocessor control signals (CS and RD) to control starting of the conversion and reading of the data. The interface logic allows the AD7575 to be easily configured as a memory mapped device, and the part can be interfaced as SLOW-MEMORY or ROM. All data outputs of the AD7575 are latched and three-state buffered to allow direct connection to a microprocessor data bus or I/O port. The AD7575 is fabricated in an advanced, all ion-implanted high speed Linear Compatible CMOS (LC2MOS) process and is available in a small, 0.3" wide, 18-lead DIP, 18-lead SOIC or in other 20-terminal surface mount packages.

Click here to download 5962-8776202VX Datasheet
Click here to download 5962-8776202VX Datasheet
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