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Description:FlexibleslaveVMEcontroller Fullinterruptcontroller(ROAK
Manufacturer:Microsemi SoC Products Group (f
Datasheet:PDF (148K).
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The MC-ACT-VME2416 core is used as interface for the VME standard bus. One side contains all VME bus signals and the other side all the user signals. With the defined address and address modifier, the user allows any masters on the VME bus to access the IO, peripherals or memory placed on the user side. The user has to describe two blocks which are connected to the "address decoding" and to the "user side". The "address decoding" is used to detect the access and to allow the transfer on the corresponding board. It allows the user to built its own address decoding without changing the code of the MC-ACT-VME2416. The MC-ACT-VME2416 core provides a full interrupt controller based on seven interrupt lines connected to the bus. The system release the interrupt on the acknowledge (ROAK). The acknowledge is done on all boards connected on the bus through a daisy-chain. A complete VHDL test bench verifies every functions and addressing mode and interrupts. These testbenches are built as a self testing regression-test suite. February 25, 2003

Click here to download MC-ACT-VME2416 Datasheet
Click here to download MC-ACT-VME2416 Datasheet
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