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Description: Two Wire Serial Interface (TWSI)
Manufacturer:Microsemi SoC Products Group (f
Datasheet:PDF (280K).
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The MC-ACT-TWSI is a "core" logic module specifically designed for Actel FPGAs that emulates the functionality of the industry standard two-wire serial interface, I2C. This core does not support 10-bit slave addressing or START byte data transfers. It facilitates upgrading current systems by allowing the designer to incorporate the TWSI function as well as other logic into a single, state of the art FPGA. This core is designed such that it can be instantiated into a Actel design and "hooked up" to I/O buffers and pads and then compiled to make a device that will "plug in" to a TWSI application. The core can be configured to operate as either a Master-Slave, MasterOnly, or Slave-Only.

Click here to download MC-ACT-16550-VLOG Datasheet
Click here to download MC-ACT-16550-VLOG Datasheet
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