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Description:CMOS 16-bit Bidirectional MultiPurpose Registered Level Shifting Bus Transceiver
Manufacturer:Aeroflex Inc.
Oper. temp.:-55 to 125
Datasheet:PDF (169K).
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The UT54ACS164646S is a 16-bit, MultiPurpose, registered, level shifting, bus transceiver consisting of D-type flip-flops, control circuitry, and 3-state outputs arranged for multiplexed transmission of data directly from the data bus or from the internal storage registers. The high-speed, low power UT54ACS164646S transceiver is designed to perform multiple functions including: asynchronous two-way communication, signal buffering, voltage translation, cold- and warmsparing. The device can be used as two independant 8-bit transceivers or one 16-bit transceiver. Data on the A or B bus is clocked into the registers on the rising edge of the appropriate clock (xCLKAB or xCLKBA) input. With either VDD supply equal to zero volts, the UT54ACS164646S outputs and

Click here to download UT54ACS164646S Datasheet
Click here to download UT54ACS164646S Datasheet
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