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Description: 20MHz 16-bit Microcontroller
Manufacturer:Aeroflex Inc.
Datasheet:PDF (187K).
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The UT80CRH196KD is compatible with industry standard's MCS-96 instruction set. The UT80CRH196KD is supported by commercial hardware and software development tools. Built on UTMC's Commercial RadHardTM epitaxial CMOS technology, the microcontroller is hardened against ionizing dose and charged particles. The microcontroller's on-board 1000 byte scratch-pad SRAM and flip-flops can withstand charged particles with energies up to 25 MeV-cm 2/mg. The UT80CRH196KD accesses instruction code and data via a 16-bit address and data bus. The 16-bit bus allows the microcontroller to access 128K bytes of instruction/data memory. Integrated software and hardware timers, high speed I/O, pulse width modulation circuitry, and UART make the UT80CRH196KD ideal for control type applications. The CPU's ALU supports byte and word adds and subtracts, 8 and 16 bit multiplies, 32/16 and 16/8 bit divides, as well as increment, decrement, negate, compare, and logical operations. The UT80CRH196KD's interrupt controller prioritizes and vectors 18 interrupt events. Interrupts include normal interrupts and special interrupts. To reduce power consumption, the microcontroller supports software invoked idle and power down modes. The UT80CRH196KD is packaged in a 68-lead quad flatpack.

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