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Description:Dual-input, dual-output load switch
Manufacturer:Advanced Analogic Technologies
Oper. temp.:-40 to 85
Datasheet:PDF (239K).
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The AAT4670 SmartSwitchTM is part of the Analogic Tech Application Specific Power MOSFET (ASPMTM) line of products. The AAT4670 consists of dual, independent, 1A current limited, slew rate controlled P-channel MOSFET power switches with a dedicated source and drain pin assigned to each switch. The internal circuitry automatically derives power from the higher of the two input power source pins with a low operating quiescent current of 18A. In shutdown mode, the supply current decreases to less than 1A. The switches operate with inputs ranging from 2.2V to 5.5V, making them ideal for 2.5V, 3V and 5V systems. The dual configuration permits integration of the load switch function for systems with two different power busses. Independent under voltage lockout circuits will shut down the corresponding switch if its input voltage falls below the under voltage lockout threshold. If the die temperature reaches the thermal limit, both switches thermal cycle off and on indefinitely without damage until the thermal condition is removed. An open drain FAULT output signals an over current or over temperature condition for each channel. Input logic levels are TTL compatible.

Click here to download AAT4670IAS-B1 Datasheet
Click here to download AAT4670IAS-B1 Datasheet
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