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Manufacturer:Advanced Analogic Technologies
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The AAT1101 series provide an integrated triple-channel pulse width modulation (PWM) solution for the power supply of LCD displays. These devices offer system engineers the flexibility to tailor-make the power supply circuitry for specific applications. Each channel contains its own error amplifier, PWM comparator, dead–time control (DTC) and output driver. The under-voltage protection, over voltage protection, power sequence control, shutdown control circuit, oscillator, short circuit protection, and voltage reference circuits are the common features of the three channels. The AAT1101 series contain two exclusive boost circuits at CH1, CH3 and an exclusive buck_boost circuit at CH2. AAT1101's Power Up sequence initiates at CH1 then CH2 and finally CH3. AAT1101A/C's Power Up sequence acts in the order of CH2, CH3, and then CH1. AAT1101B's Power Up sequence starts from CH2, CH1, and then CH3. At the completion of the Power Up sequencing, the SCP pin stays low and enters the Wait State of short circuit protection. Power Up sequencing delay and short circuit protection delay are set by connecting a capacitor to the SCP pin. Furthermore, these devices can operate with supply voltage ranging from 2.5V to 6.5V and function efficiently in an environment with low power supply. With a minimum number of external components, the AAT1101 series offer a simple and cost effective solution for TFT LCD.

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