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Yamaha LSI

Yamaha LSI
203, Matsunokijima, Iwata, Shizuoka, 438-0192 Japan
Tel. 81-539-62-4918
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    Regulations on the use of environmentally harmful substances implement measures such as the European ELV and RoHS directives which eliminate the use of harmful chemical substances from products.

    Yamaha LSI abolished the use of leaded solder in its products even before these regulations were enacted, and will continue to actively pursue initiatives such as the move to halogen free sealing resins.

    On this web page we have provided information on the initiatives Yamaha LSI is taking towards compliance with environmental regulations, and details on the material composition of our semiconductors, to allow you to use our products with confidence.

    LSI production was initiated with the aim of bringing the production of sound sources for our digital musical instruments in-house. The expertise accumulated through the development of LSI for use in musical instruments has been utilized in LSI for use in mobile phones and amusement devices. We have also pursued technical development in new fields such as digital amplifiers and LSI for installation in vehicles. These semiconductor products have received extensive praise from around the world. Yamaha semiconductor division will continue to work consistently to develop products matched to market needs in the future.

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