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Isahaya Electronics Corporation Logo
6-41 Tsukuba, Isahaya,
Nagasaki, 854-0065
tel: 0957-26-3592
fax: 0957-26-5257

    From 1 April 2003 Isahaya Electronics Corporation succeed the business of Small Signal Transistor, Diode and Hybrid IC from Mitsubishi Electric Corpotation and sell these devices as its brand.

    Isahaya Electronics develops, designs and markets Small signal transistors (SSTR), resistance built-in transistors, high frequency transistors, J-FET and combined transistors, hybrid ICs and ASIC to meet various needs. Transistors and hybrid ICs are produced in both domestic (Japan) and overseas plants.

    Isahaya Electronics is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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