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Hualon Microelectronics Corporation HMC

Hualon Microelectronics Corporation (HMC)
No.1, R&D 4th Rd, Science-Based Ind. Park Hsinchu - Taiwan
Phone(s) : +886-3-5774945
Fax : +886-3-5774305

    Since established in 1987, HMC is on a path of steady and healthy growth. It has upgraded its manufacturing facilities and has progressed, in technology development, from the initial 3.5mm CMOS to the current 0.55mm CMOS. From earlier product lines, which concentrate heavily in the consumer and telecommunications area, it has changed its strategy to focus on Power MOSFET foundry business and sensor products such as CCD, CIS, etc. HMC has always recognized the importance of intellectual properties in the semiconductor business. Since its inception, it has acquired 90 patents, domestic and international, in process and product development. Over the years, it has also entered into several licensing and cross ? licensing agreements with major U.S. And European companies. All these endeavors have provided HMC with a firm foundation in solidifying its technology base. In its desire to improve product quality, it has passed the IECQ, the ISO 9002 and the ISO 9001 standards. To this end it brings together a number of outstanding talents, technologies, and management systems to break new ground and to achieve milestones in order to provide all the customers with the best service.

    Products: Manufacturers of : (1)Telecommunication components including tone, pulse dialers series, decoder, dial, cordless phone controllers, DTMF receivers, encorders& decorders, etc. (2)Computer components & peripherals including mouse controllers, with zenner diode, VGA (video graphic adapter), color RAMDAC, printer adaptor interface. (3)Electronic components including SRAM, mask RAM, CCD, ASIC macro, memory cells. (4)Molding, moulding, foundry service.

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