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White Technology inc
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    Microsemi Corporation to Acquire White Electronic Designs Corporation

    White Electronic is a leader in design, assembly, and test integration. They have extensive offerings and experience in Multi-Chip-On-Board solutions that are integrated into Defense and Aerospace applications. Their technology integrates surface mount technologies, microelectronics, and Anti Tamper technologies into one solution. Their market focus is where size, weight, and performance create a market advantage. A significant area of market expansion where they have developed unique technology is in the Anti Tamper market. This market is expanding rapidly as every major weapon system now requires this feature.

    Anti Tamper technology enables key product offerings in the GPS receiver market for munitions programs such as the accelerated precision mortar initiative (APMI) and the Precision Guided Kit (PGK). These programs meet the urgent operational requirements of the U.S. military in Afghanistan that have highlighted the importance of pinpointing targets using GPS precision-guided munitions. GPS-enabled precision dramatically reduces the 136 meters circular error probable (CEP) of conventional mortars to about 10 meters. Improving the accuracy of mortars and other battery munitions is an important growth opportunity, not only because it reduces unfortunate collateral damage but it also greatly decreases wasteful spending on ordinances which land off target.

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