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Boca Semiconductor

Boca Semiconductor
1060 Holland Drive, Suite M Boca Raton, Florida 33487
Phone 1.800.526.4052 or 561.226.8525
Fax 561.226.8523

    Boca Semiconductor Corp., a leading global supplier of Discrete Semiconductor Products, specializes in discontinued and end of life products

    Boca Semiconductor Corp. is committed to the highest levels of customer service and support. To better serve our ever-expanding client base we maintain leadership in the manufacture of a comprehensive range of transistors in conventional leaded insertion mount and surface mount packages. Additionally, as we strive to meet and exceed our client expectations, we are proud that our factories are ISO9002 certified.

    Products: General Purpose Transistors, Switching Transistors, Power Transistors, Automotive Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, High Efficiency Rectifiers, Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifiers, SCR's, Small Signal Schottky Diodes, Small Signal SwitchingDiodes, Standard Recovery Rectifiers, Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressors, Transistors, Unijunctions, Zener Diodes

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