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Aborn electronics

Aborn electronics
2108 E.Bering Dr. San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: 408 4365445
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    Since 1978, Aborn electronics has pioneered custom fiber optic receiver and transmitter components for clients worldwide. Aborn electronics is a recognized leader in the design and production of optoelectronic components, integrated circuit chips and semiconductor components. Aborn?s expertise includes chip design and development, package design, assembly tooling, final product characterization, testing and reliability evaluation.

Various transmitters and receivers for DUPONT F/O cable. Customers: DEC, VYDEC, IBM, XEROX.
Expanded in to military and defence markets. SDC
Low key operation till 1983.
In 1983 moved to Santa clara R & D Park. Added chip design and development capabilities.
Received F/O link design and development contract from Molex. Appication: Computer - Monitor Interface.

    ABORN ELECTRONICS SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING offers a wide range of custom developed process equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing industry. ABORN works with customers to develop new technologies and builds the necessary equipment for transferring processes from R&D phase to prototype and high volume manufacturing. ABORN engineers are inventing new equipment and green technologies to support semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. ABORN offers also refurbished equipment that is remanufactured to original specifications or modified to satisfy customer-desired specifications.

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