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components listed

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X00602			X00602MA1AA2		
X0101			X0102			
X0103			X0104			
X0105			X0106			
X02			X0202			
X0202MA1BA2		X0202MA5BA4		
X0203			X0204			
X0205			X0206			
X02			X0302			
X0303			X0305			
X04			X0402			
X0402			X0403			
X0404			X0405			
X04			X06FF3			
X06			X100			
X100FF3			X100			
X1205			X1205S8			
X120			X1226			
X1227			X1227S8			
X1228			X1240			
X1243			X1286			
X1288			X150			
X15			5962-9471701		
X20C04			X20C05			
X20C05D-35		X20C16			
X20C16D-35		X20C17			
X20C17P-35		X21100B1B1		
X22C10			X22C12			
X24001			X24012			
X24012P2-7		X24022			
X24026			X2402			
X24042			X2404			
X24128			X24164			
X24165			X24257			
X24320			X24321			
X24321S8		X24325			
X24640			X24641			
X24641S8		X24645			
X24C00			X24C00P3		
X24C01			X24C01P3		
X24C02			X24C04			
X24C08			X24C08P2-7		
X24C16			X24C44			
X24C45			X24F016			
X24F128			X24LC01			
X24LC04			X24LC16			
X25010			X25020			
X25020P3		X25021			
X25040			X25040P3		
X25041			X25043			
X25057			X25080			
X25097			X25128			
X25138			X25160			
X25163			X25163S14		
X25164			X25164S14		
X25168			X25168S14		
X25320			X25330			
X25330S8		X25401			
X25640			X25642			
X25650			X25650S8		
X25C02			X25C02P3		
X25F008			X25F047			
X25F087			X25F128			
SCC2692AC1A44		X2804			
X2804CP-15		X2816			
X2816CE-12		X28256			
X2864			X28C010			
X28C010D-12		X28C16			
28C256			X28C256BD15		
X28C256			X28C512			
X28C512C20		X28C512D-12		
X28C64			X28C64D12		
X28HC16D12		X28HC256		
X28HC256D-12		X28HC256D12		
X28HC64			X28HC64D-12		
X28HC64D12		X28HT010		
X28HT010D-20		X28HT512		
X28HT512D-20		X28LC512		
X28LC512J-15		X28TC256D35		
X28VC256		X28VC256D-45		
X28VC256D45		2N3684			
2N3921			2N4117			
2N4338			2N4338-41		
2N4351			2N4352			
2N4391			2N4416			
2N5114			2N5114-16		
2N5434			2N5457			
2N5457-59		2N5484			
2N5911			2N7000			
2N7002			X30			
X3100			3N163			
3N170			3N170-71		
3N172			3N172-73		
3N190			3N190-91		
X40010			X40010S8		
X4003			X4003M8-1-8		
X40420			X4043			
X40620			X40626			
X4283			X46402			
X4643			X5001			
X5043			X5083			
X5163			X5643			
X60			X68257			
X68C64			X68C75			
X6RT303KTV901		X6RT63			
X6RT67			X76F041			
X76F100			X76F101			
X76F128			X76F200			
X76F640			X76F641			
X84041			X84129			
X84256			X86C64			
X88064			X88257			
X88C64			X88C75			
X90100			X9015			
X9110			X9111			
X9116			X9116WM8		
X9119			X9221			
X9241			X9250			
X9251			X9252			
X9258			X9259			
X9260			X9269			
X9271			X9279			
X930			X9312			
X9313			X9314			
X9315			X9316			
X9319			X9400			
X9409			X9410			
X9418			X9420			
X9421			X9428			
X9430			X9448			
X9470			X9511			
X9514			X9521			
X9530			X96010			
X98027			X9C102			
X9C303			XA-C3			
P51XAG30		PXAG30			
PXAG39			XA-G49			
XA-H3			XA-H4			
XA-S3			XA-SCC			
XA881			XAA170			
XB0ASB03A1		XB1117			
XB15A407		XB15A709		
XBA170			XBB170			
XBRP400100		XBRP40045		
XC-55			XC-ST30-30		
XC145481		XC161			
XC161CS-32		SAF-XC164CM-8F20	
SAF-XC164CS-16F20	XC1700			
XC1701			XC1701LPC20		
XC17128DD8		XC17128DDD8		
XC1718D-PC20		XC1736A-CD8		
XC1764CD8		XC17S05PD8		
XC17S100APD8		XC17V00			
XC17V01PC20		TCKMIN			
XC18V00			XC18V01PC20		
XC2141			XC2151			
XC2164			1004_XC2173		
XC221			XC25BS5			
XC2C64			XC2C64-4CP56		
XC2S100-5FG256		XC2S100			
XC2S100E-6FT256		XC2V1000		
XC2V1000-4BG575		XC2V40			
XC3000			XC3020			
XC3020A-6PC68		XC3142			
XC33487			XC4000			
XC4002XL-09PC84		XC40110XV-07BG352	
DS005			XC5000			
XC5200			XC5202-3PC84		
DSP56301		XC61			
XC61AN0802		XC61			
XC61CC0902		XC61CC1002		
XC6201			XC6201P132		
XC6202			XC6203			
XC6203E182		XC6204			
XC6204A011		XC6204A182		
01-XC6206		XC6210			
XC6211			XC6212			
XC62			XC62FP1501		
0203_XC62		0208_xc62		
0202_XC62		XC6351			
XC6365			XC6367			
XC6372			0307_XC6373		
0311_XC6381		XC6382			
XC6383			0314_XC6385		
XC6402			XC6403			
XC6404			XC6405			
XC6413			XC68341CFT16		
XC68EZ328PU16		M68DIL12		
XC7300			XC73144-10		
XC7336-10		XC74			
XC74UL02		XC74UL08		
XC74UL32		XC74UL86		
XC74WL00		XC74WL08		
XC74WL125		XC74WL14		
XC74WL157		XC74WL240		
XC74WL32		XC74WL4053		
XC74WLU04		XC9103			
XC9106			XC910607		
XC9210			XC9213			
Xc9301			XC9303			
XC95			XC9500			
XC9501			XC9504			
XC9505			XC9510			
XC95108			XC95108-10PC84		
XC95144			XC95144-10PQ100		
XC95144			XC95144XL-10TQ100	
XC95144			XC95144XV-4TQ100	
XC95216			XC95216-10BQ352		
XC95288			XC95288-10BG352		
XC95288			XC95288XL-10BG256	
XC95288			XC95288XV-10CS280	
XC9536			XC9536-10CS48		
XC9536			XC9536XL-10CS48		
XC9536XV-3PC44		XC9572			
XC9572-10PC44		XC9572			
XC9572XL-10PC44		XC9572			
XC9572XV-4PC44		XCA170			
XCB170			DSP56364		
XCR22LV10		DS023			
XCR3032XL-10CS48	XCR3032XL-5CS48		
XCR3064			XCR3064XL-10CP56	
XCR3064XL-6CP56		XCR3128			
XCR3128XL-10CS144	XCR3256			
XCR3256XL-10CS280	XCR3256XL-7CS280	
XCR3384			XCR3384XL-10FG324	
XCR3512			XCR3512XL-10FT256	
XCR5032			XCR5064			
XCS05			XCS05-3PC84		
XCV100			XCV100-4BG256		
XCV1000			XCV1000E-6BG560		
XCV200E-6FG256		XCV405			
XCV405E-6BG560		CWB201			
CWB211			CWB2214			
CWB2269			CWB308			
CWB4500			CWB5341			
XD010-22		XD010-24		
XD010-42		DPAD1			
DPAD250			XE0016			
XE0017			XE0020			
XE002			XE0046			
XE0052S1		XE0055CS2		
XE0055S1		XE0056			
XE0068			XE0071			
XE0080			XE014			
XE0204			XE056			
XE1000			XE1030			
XE1201			XE1201			
XE1202433		XE1202			
XE1203			XE1205			
XE1209			XE1209			
XE1212			XE1214B5		
XE1218			XE1276			
XE1401			XE1401			
XE1402			XE1413			
XE1414			XE1431			
XE1486			CSEM2003		
XE2004			XE2400			
XE2401			XE2420			
XE2476			XE2486			
XE2814			XE3005			
XE3301			XE3314			
XE3386			XE5224			
XE5614			XE5620			
XE5686			SX8801			
XE8802			XE8805			
XE8806			XE88LC01ME015		
XE88LC01ME027		XE88LC01ME028		
XE900			XE924			
XE9601			XE9624			
XEWC86			XGA16C16-45		
XGSA1530		XGSA3030		
XGSA5030		XGSQ1530		
XGSQ3030		XGSQ5030		
XGSQ7530		2N6653			
XGSR3030		XGSR50020		
XGSR5030		XGSR7530		
XIO2000			XIO2200			
IT1700			IT1750			
J108			J108-110		
XL0102			XL0840			
XL10			ML1225			
XLE24C01		XLE24C02		
XLE24C04		XLE24C16		
XLE2816AC250		XLE2864AC250		
XLE28C16AC100		XLE28C256C150		
XLE28C64AC110		XLE33LC102-3		
XLE46C15C55		XLE46HC64C45		
XLE90C41		XLE93C46		
XLE93C66		XLE93CS46		
XLE93LC06-3		XLM2817AC300		
XLR10			XLS2804AP250		
XLS46C32C70		XLS48C64C150		
M116			XM20C64			
XM20C64-55		XM28C010		
XM28C010P-12		XM28C020		
XM28C020-12		XM28C020		
XM28C040		XM28C040I20		
XM28C040		XM28C040P-15		
XM28C080S18		XM28C4096-15		
WM9707			MC1458			
XMMA1000		XMMAS250		
XMMAS250G10		XMMAS500		
XMMAS500G10		XMT5160-155		
XMT5160A-155		XMT5170-155		
XMT5170-622		XMT5170A-155		
XMT5170A-622		XMT5370-155		
XMT5370A-155		XN01110			
XN01111			XN01112			
XN01113			XN01114			
XN01115			XN01116			
XN01117			XN01118			
XN01119			XN0111			
XN01210			XN01211			
XN01212			XN01213			
XN01214			XN01215			
XN01216			XN01217			
XN0121			XN01401			
XN01501			XN01504			
XN01507			XN01509			
XN01531			XN01601			
XN01871			XN01872			
XN02210			XN02211			
XN02212			XN02215			
XN02216			XN02401			
XN02501			XN02531			
XN04111			XN04112			
XN04113			XN04114			
XN04115			XN04116			
XN04130			XN04210			
XN04211			XN04212			
XN04213			XN04214			
XN04215			XN04216			
XN0421			XN04311			
XN04312			XN04314			
XN04315			XN04316			
XN0431			XN04322			
XN04381			XN04382			
XN04401			XN04402			
XN04404			XN04482			
XN04501			XN04502			
XN04503			XN04504			
XN04505			XN04506			
XN04509			XN04556			
XN04601			XN04602			
XN04604			XN04608			
XN04609			XN04683			
XN04A88			XN05501			
XN05531			XN05553			
XN05601			XN06111			
XN06112			XN06113			
XN06114			XN06115			
XN06116			XN0611			
XN06211			XN06212			
XN06213			XN06214			
XN06215			XN06216			
XN06401			XN06435			
XN06501			XN06534			
XN06537			XN06542			
XN06543			XN09D57			
XN0			XN1110			
XN1111			XN1112			
XN1113			XN1114			
XN1115			XN1116			
XN1117			XN1118			
XN1119			XN111			
XN1210			XN1211			
XN1212			XN1213			
XN1214			XN1215			
XN1216			XN1217			
XN121			XN1401			
XN1501			XN1504			
XN1507			XN1509			
XN1531			XN1601			
XN1871			XN1872			
XN1A312			XN1B301			
XN1C301			XN1D873			
XN2210			XN2211			
XN2212			XN2215			
XN2216			XN2401			
XN2501			XN2531			
XN4111			XN4112			
XN4113			XN4114			
XN4115			XN4116			
XN4130			XN4210			
XN4211			XN4212			
XN4213			XN4214			
XN4215			XN4216			
XN421			XN4312			
XN4314			XN4315			
XN4316			XN431			
XN4322			XN4401			
XN4402			XN4404			
XN4482			XN4501			
XN4502			XN4503			
XN4504			XN4505			
XN4506			XN4509			
XN4556			XN4601			
XN4604			XN4608			
XN4609			XN4683			
XN5501			XN5531			
XN5553			XN5601			
XN6111			XN6112			
XN6113			XN6114			
XN6115			XN6116			
XN611			XN6211			
XN6212			XN6213			
XN6214			XN6215			
XN6216			XN6401			
XN6435			XN6501			
XN6534			XN6537			
XN6542			XN6543			
XN6A554			SA5224			
SA5225			NE5514			
NE5560			XOD-15			
XOSM-57			XOSM-573		
XP01110			XP01111			
XP01112			XP01113			
XP01114			XP01115			
XP01116			XP01117			
XP01118			XP01119			
XP0111			XP01210			
XP01211			XP01212			
XP01213			XP01214			
XP01215			XP01216			
XP01217			XP0121			
XP01401			XP01501			
XP01504			XP01507			
XP01531			XP01554			
XP01601			XP02210			
XP02211			XP02215			
XP02401			XP02501			
XP03311			XP03312			
XP03383			XP04111			
XP04112			XP04113			
XP04114			XP04115			
XP04116			XP04210			
XP04211			XP04212			
XP04213			XP04214			
XP04215			XP04216			
XP04286			XP04311			
XP04312			XP04313			
XP04314			XP04315			
XP04316			XP0431			
XP04387			XP04401			
XP04501			XP04506			
XP04601			XP04654			
XP04683			XP04878			
XP05501			XP05531			
XP05553			XP05554			
XP05555			XP05601			
XP06111			XP06112			
XP06113			XP06114			
XP06115			XP06116			
XP0611			XP06210			
XP06211			XP06212			
XP06213			XP06214			
XP06215			XP06216			
XP06401			XP06435			
XP06501			XP06534			
XP08081			XP0			
XP1110			XP1111			
XP1112			XP1113			
XP1114			XP1115			
XP1116			XP1117			
XP1118			XP1119			
XP111			XP1210			
XP1211			XP1212			
XP1213			XP1214			
XP1215			XP1216			
XP1217			XP131A0150		
XP131A0232		XP131A0526		
XP131A0616		XP131A1145		
XP131A1235		XP131A1330		
XP131A1520		XP131A1617		
XP131A1715		XP132A01A0		
XP132A0265		XP132A0340		
XP132A11A1		XP132A1275		
XP132A1545		XP132A1635		
XP133A0175		XP133A0245		
XP133A1145		XP133A1235		
XP133A1330		XP134A01A9		
XP134A02A1		XP134A11A1		
XP134A1275		XP135A1145		
XP1401			XP1501			
XP1504			XP1507			
XP151A01C3		XP151A02B0		
XP151A02		XP151A03A7		
XP151A11B0		XP151A12A2		
XP151A13A0		XP152A01D8		
XP152A11E5		XP152A12C0		
XP152A12		XP1554			
XP161A01A8		XP161A02A1		
XP161A0390		XP161A11A1		
XP161A1265		XP161A1355		
XP162A01B5		XP162A02D5		
XP162A11C0		XP162A12A6		
XP1B301			XP1C301			
XP1D873			XP1D874			
XP1E554			XP2210			
XP2211			XP2215			
XP2401			XP2501			
XP4111			XP4113			
XP4114			XP4115			
XP4116			XP4210			
XP4211			XP4212			
XP4213			XP4214			
XP4215			XP4216			
XP4311			XP4312			
XP4314			XP4315			
XP4316			XP4401			
XP4501			XP4506			
XP4601			XP4654			
XP4683			XP5501			
XP5553			XP5555			
XP5601			XP5A554			
XP6111			XP6112			
XP6113			XP6114			
XP6115			XP6116			
XP611			XP6210			
XP6211			XP6213			
XP6214			XP6215			
XP6216			XP6401			
XP6435			XP6501			
XP6534			XP8081			
PAD1			JPAD10			
XPC850CZT50		XPC855TCZP50D4		
PD54003			PD54008			
PD55008			PD55015			
PD57018			PD57030			
PD57045			LFX1200B-03F900		
XQ1701LCC44		5962-9951401		
XQ18V04			XQ18V04CC44		
XQ4005			XQ4005E-3CB164		
XQR4013XL-3CB228	XQV100-4BG256		
XQVR1000-4CG560		XR-1468			
XR-1488			XR-14889		
XR-1488			XR-2135			
XR-215			XR-2206			
XR-2207			XR-2208			
XR-2209			XR-2211			
XR-2212			XR-2242			
XR-2243			XR-2401			
XR-4212			XR-4880			
XR-8038			XR-85			
XR-T3588-89		XR-T3588		
XR-T3590		XR-T3591		
XR-T5683		XR-T56L22		
XR-T56L85		XR-T6166		
XR-T65118		XR-T7295E-1		
XR-T7295		XR10			
XR16C2850		XR16C2852		
XR16C850		XR16C854		
XR16C864		XR16C872		
XR16L2450		XR16L2550		
XR16L2551		XR16L2552		
XR16L2750		XR16L2751		
XR16L2752		XR16L580		
XR16L784		XR16L788		
XR17D152		XR17D158		
XR17L152		XR2135			
XR215			XR2206			
XR2207			XR2209			
XR2211			XR2212			
XR4151			XR68C192		
XR68C681		XR72-10			
XR73-10			XR8038			
XR82C684		XR82C68444		
XR88C192		XR88C681		
XRA00			XRD4411			
XRD4417			XRD4423			
XRD4433			XRD4460			
XRD4461			XRD5408			
XRD54L08		XRD6202			
XRD6406			XRD6414			
XRD6415			XRD6418			
XRD6440			XRD64L06		
XRD64L14		XRD64L15		
XRD64L40		XRD66092		
XRD6621			XRD66L92		
MP7523			MP7682			
XRD8775			XRD8794			
XRD87L94		XRD9810			
XRD9814			XRD9815			
XRD9820			XRD9824			
XRD9825			XRD9826			
XRD9827			XRD9828			
XRD9829			XRD9853			
XRD9855			XRD98L23		
XRD98L59		XRD98L61		
XRD98L62		XRD98L63		
XRS035N100		XRT3588			
XRT3590			XRT3591			
XRT4000			XRT4500			
XRT5683			XRT5684			
XRT56L22		XRT56L85		
XRT5793			XRT5794			
XRT5897			XRT5997			
XRT59L91		XRT6164			
XRT65118		XRT71D00		
XRT71D04		XRT7250			
XRT7288			XRT7295			
XRT7296			XRT7298			
XRT72L13		XRT7300			
PE-65966		XRT7302			
XRT73L00		XRT73L03		
XRT73L04		XRT73LC00		
XRT73LC03		XRT75L00		
XRT75R03		XRT8000			
XRT8001			XRT8010			
XRT8020			XRT82D20		
XRT83L30		XRT83L38		
XRT83SL314		XRT83SL38		
XRT84V24		XRT91L81		
XRT94L33		XRT94L43		
XRT95L34		XRT95L51		
XS170			SA5223			
SD200			SD2100			
SD210			SD211			
SD310			SD400			
SD403			SD404			
SD411			SD5000			
SD5300			SD5501			
XSD56120		XSD57030-01		
XSD57120		SD8901			
SOLA242			SST211			
XT2108-1001		XT2116			
XT2116-1001		XT26			
XT38			XT49			
TNETA1570		TNETA1622		
TNETE2101		XTR101			
XTR103			XTR103AP2		
XTR104			XTR105			
XTR106			XTR108			
XTR108EA-2K5G4		XTR110			
XTR110			XTR110			
XTR112			XTR112UA-2K5E4		
XTR115			XTR117			
XTR300			U308			
U401			U421			
U422			U440			
U443			XWD1205			
XWM2152			XWM8146			
XWM8148			XWM8170			
XWM8181			XWM8190			
XWM8191			WM8192			
XWM8192			XWM8706			
XWM8711			XWM8721			
XWM8722			XWM8728			
XWM8729			XWM8731			
XWM8733			XWM8740			
XWM8816			WM9705			
XWM9707			WM9708			
XWM9708			WM9710			
XWS1205			XWT1205-12		
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