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UP03383			UP03390			
UP04111			UP0411			
UP04210			UP04312			
UP04314			UP04315			
UP04316			UP04401			
UP04501			UP04601			
UP04878			UP04979			
UP0651S-01		UP100			
400WA10M12-5X16		UPA101			
UPA101			UPA102			
UPA102			UPA103			
UPA104			uPA1426			
uPA1427			UPA1428			
uPA1428			UPA1434			
uPA1434			UPA1434			
UPA1436			uPA1436			
UPA1437			uPA1437			
UPA1437			uPA1438			
UPA1452			uPA1452			
UPA1453			uPA1453			
UPA1454			uPA1454			
UPA1454			UPA1456			
uPA1456			UPA1456			
uPA1457			UPA1458			
uPA1458			UPA1476			
UPA1478			uPA1478			
UPA1478			UPA1500			
UPA1501			UPA1520			
uPA1520			UPA1522			
uPA1522			UPA1522			
UPA1523			uPA1523			
UPA1524			uPA1524			
UPA1524			UPA1526			
uPA1526			UPA1527			
uPA1527			UPA1552			
uPA1552			UPA1556			
uPA1556			UPA1560			
uPA1570			UPA1572			
uPA1572			UPA1576			
uPA1576			UPA1576			
UPA1600			UPA1601			
UPA1602			UPA1603			
UPA1604			UPA1640			
UPA1700			UPA1700AG-E1		
UPA1701			UPA1701AG-E1		
UPA1703			UPA1703G-E1		
UPA1704			UPA1704G-E1		
UPA1705			UPA1705G-E1		
UPA1706			UPA1706G-E1		
UPA1706			UPA1707			
UPA1707G-E1		UPA1708			
UPA1708G-E1		UPA1709			
UPA1709G-E1		UPA1715			
UPA1715G-E1		UPA1716			
UPA1716G-E1		UPA1717			
UPA1717G-E1		UPA1720			
UPA1720G-E1		UPA1721			
UPA1721G-E1		UPA1722			
UPA1722G-E1		UPA1723			
UPA1723G-E1		UPA1724			
UPA1724G-E1		UPA1725			
UPA1725G-E1		UPA1726			
UPA1726G-E1		UPA1727			
UPA1728			UPA1730			
UPA1730G-E1		UPA1730			
UPA1731			UPA1731G-E1		
UPA1740			UPA1741			
UPA1742			UPA1743			
UPA1744			UPA1755			
UPA1755G-E1		UPA1756			
UPA1756G-E1		UPA1757			
UPA1758			UPA1759			
UPA1760			UPA1760G-E1		
UPA1763			UPA1763G-E1		
UPA1764			UPA1770			
UPA1770G-E1		UPA1772			
UPA1774			UPA1790			
UPA1792			UPA1792G-E1		
UPA1793			UPA1800			
UPA1800GR-9		UPA1801			
UPA1801GR-9		UPA1802			
UPA1802GR-9		UPA1803			
UPA1803GR-9		UPA1804			
UPA1804GR-9JG-E1	UPA1806			
UPA1807			UPA1808			
UPA1809			UPA1810			
UPA1810GR-9		UPA1811			
UPA1811GR-9		UPA1812			
UPA1812GR-9		UPA1813			
UPA1813GR-9JG-E1	UPA1814			
UPA1814GR-9JG-E1	UPA1815			
UPA1815GR-9JG-E1	UPA1816			
UPA1817			UPA1818			
UPA1819			UPA1820			
UPA1830			UPA1840			
UPA1850			UPA1850GR-9		
UPA1851			UPA1851CR-9		
UPA1852			UPA1852GR-9		
UPA1853			UPA1853GR-9		
UPA1854GR-9JG-E1	UPA1855GR-9JG-E1	
UPA1856			UPA1856GR-9JG-E1	
UPA1857			UPA1858			
UPA1870			UPA1871			
UPA1872			UPA1873			
UPA1874			UPA1890			
UPA1890GR-9JG-E1	UPA1900			
UPA1900TE-T1		UPA1901			
UPA1902			UPA1910			
UPA1910TE-T1		UPA1911			
UPA1911TE-T1		UPA1912			
UPA1912TE-T1		UPA1913			
UPA1913TE-T1		UPA1914			
UPA1914TE-T1		UPA1915			
UPA1915TE-T1		UPA1916			
UPA1917			UPA1918			
UPA1919			UPA1950			
UPA1951			UPA1952			
UPA1970			UPA1980			
UPA1981			UPA2450			
UPA2451			UPA2452			
UPA2502			UPA2503			
UPA2510			UPA2700			
UPA2701			UPA2702			
UPA2706			UPA2707			
UPA2708			UPA2710			
UPA2711			UPA2712			
UPA2713			UPA2714			
UPA2716			UPA2717			
UPA2718			UPA2719			
UPA2730			UPA2750			
UPA2751			UPA2752			
UPA2753			UPA2754			
UPA2755			UPA2756			
UPA2780			UPA2781			
UPA2782			UPA2790			
UPA502			UPA502T-T1		
UPA503			UPA503T-T1		
UPA505			UPA507			
UPA508			UPA572			
UPA573			UPA602			
UPA603			UPA606			
UPA607			UPA610			
UPA611			UPA620			
UPA621			UPA622			
UPA650			UPA651			
UPA652			UPA653			
UPA672			UPA675			
UPA677			UPA678			
UPA800			UPA800T-T1		
UPA800			UPA801			
UPA802			UPA803			
UPA804			UPA805			
UPA806			UPA806T-T1		
UPA807			UPA807T-T1		
UPA808			UPA808T-T1		
UPA808			UPA809			
UPA809T-T1		UPA809			
UPA810			UPA811			
UPA811T-T1		UPA812			
UPA812T-T1		UPA813			
UPA814			UPA814T-T1		
UPA814			UPA821			
UPA821TF-T1		UPA822			
UPA826			UPA826TC-T1		
UPA826TF-T1		UPA827			
UPA827TF-T1		UPA828			
UPA828TF-T1		UPA829			
UPA829TF-T1		UPA831			
UPA831TC-T1		UPA831TF-T1		
UPA832			UPA832TF-T1		
UPA833			UPA833TF-T1		
UPA834			UPA834TF-T1		
UPA835			UPA835TC-T1		
UPA835TF-T1		UPA836			
UPA836TC-T1		UPA836TF-T1		
UPA837TF-T1		UPA838TF-T1		
UPA839			UPA839TF-T1		
A840			UPA840			
UPA840TC-T1		UPA843			
UPA861			UPA861TD-T3		
UPA862			UPA862TD-T3		
UPA880			UPA895			
UPA895TD-T3		UPA901			
UPB-12-2-1-Q12		UPB1003			
uPB100422B-10		uPB100470D-10		
uPB100474ABH-5		uPB100474B-10		
uPB100474EBH-3		uPB100476LLBH-6		
uPB100480B-10		uPB100484AB-5		
uPB100484B-10		uPB100500D-15		
UPB1005			UPB1005GS-E1		
UPB1005			UPB1007			
UPB1008			UPB1009			
uPB1009K-E1		uPB100A484B-5		
uPB10474EBH-3		uPB10476LLBH-6		
uPB10480B-10		uPB10484AB-5		
uPB10484B-10		uPB10A484BH-5		
UPB1502			UPB1502GR1		
UPB1505			UPB1506			
UPB1506GV-E1		UPB1508			
UPB1508GV-E1		UPB1509			
UPB1509GV-E1		UPB1510			
UPB1510GV-E1		UPB1511			
UPB1511TB-E3		UPB429			
UPB571			UPB581			
UPB582			UPB587			
UPB8286			UPC1016			
UPC1042			UPC1060			
UPC1093			UPC1094			
UPC1099			UPC1100			
UPC1188			uPC1225			
UPC1228			UPC1230H2		
UPC1237			UPC1245			
uPC1246			uPC1270			
UPC1297			uPC1297			
uPC1298			UPC1316			
UPC1335			UPC1342			
UPC1350			UPC1352			
UPC1356C2		UPC1377			
UPC1379			UPC1397			
UPC1401			UPC1406			
UPC1423			UPC1458			
UPC1490			uPC1490			
UPC1651			UPC1652			
UPC1654			UPC1656			
UPC1658			UPC1663			
UPC1663G-E1		UPC1663GV-E3		
UPC1668			UPC1675			
UPC1676			UPC1677			
UPC1678			UPC1678G-E1		
UPC1678GV-E1		UPC1679			
UPC1685			UPC1686			
UPC1686G-E1		UPC1686GV-E1		
UPC1687			UPC1687G-E1		
UPC1687GV-E1		UPC1688			
UPC1688G-T1		UPC1694			
UPC1701			UPC1830			
UPC1851			UPC1853			
UPC1853CT-01		UPC1854			
UPC1857			UPC1862			
UPC1872			UPC1876			
UPC1876GT-E1		uPC1883			
UPC1883			UPC1884			
UPC1891			1892			
UPC1892			UPC1905			
UPC1909			UPC1933			
UPC1934			UPC1934GR-1		
UPC1935			UPC1943			
UPC2400			UPC2405			
UPC24A00		UPC24A05		
UPC24M00		UPC24M05		
UPC2500			uPC2500			
UPC2505			UPC2533			
UPC2533GS-01		UPC2539			
UPC258			uPC258			
UPC2708			UPC2708T-E3		
UPC2708			UPC2709			
UPC2709T-E3		UPC2709TB-E3		
UPC2710			UPC2710T-E3		
UPC2710TB-E3		UPC2711			
UPC2711TB-E3		UPC2712			
UPC2713			UPC2713T-E3		
UPC2714			UPC2715			
UPC2721			UPC2721GR-E1		
UPC2721GV-E1		UPC2723			
UPC2726			UPC2726T-E3		
UPC2745			UPC2745T-E3		
UPC2745TB-E3		UPC2746T-E3		
UPC2747			UPC2747T-E3		
UPC2747TB-E3		UPC2748T-E3		
UPC2749			UPC2749T-E3		
UPC2749TB-E3		UPC2753			
UPC2756			UPC2756T-E3		
UPC2756TB-E3		UPC2757			
UPC2757T-E3		UPC2757TB-E3		
UPC2762			UPC2762T-E3		
UPC2762TB-E3		UPC2763TB-E3		
UPC2766			UPC2766GR-E1		
UPC2768GR-E1		UPC2771T-E3		
UPC2771TB-E3		UPC2775			
UPC2776			UPC2776TB-E3		
UPC2782			UPC2782GR-E1		
UPC2791			UPC2791TB-E3		
UPC2794			UPC2795			
UPC2797			UPC2798			
UPC2798GR-E1		UPC2800			
UPC2807			UPC2900			
UPC2903			UPC2918			
UPC29L00		UPC29L03		
UPC29M00		UPC29M03		
UPC29S00		UPC29S10		
UPC305			UPC311			
UPC317			UPC319			
UPC3202			UPC3205			
UPC3205GR-E1		UPC3206			
UPC3206GR-E1		UPC3207			
UPC3210			UPC3211			
UPC3211GR-E1		UPC3215			
UPC3215TB-E3		UPC3217			
UPC3217GV-E1		UPC3219			
UPC3219GV-E1		UPC3220			
UPC3220GV-E1		UPC3221			
UPC3221GV-E1		UPC324			
UPC337			uPC337			
UPC339			uPC339			
UPC3403			C358			
uPC358			UPC37M31		
UPC393			UPC4061			
UPC4062			UPC4064			
UPC4071			UPC4072			
UPC4074			UPC4081			
UPC4082			UPC4084			
UPC4091			UPC4092			
UPC4093			UPC4094			
UPC4250			UPC4556			
UPC4558			UPC4559			
UPC4560			UPC4570			
UPC4572			UPC4574			
UPC4741			UPC4742			
UPC4744			UPC494			
UPC574			UPC624			
UPC659			UPC667			
UPC7073			UPC741			
UPC7800			UPC7805			
78L05			UPC78L05		
UPC78M00		UPC78M05		
UPC78N00		UPC78N08		
UPC7900			UPC7905			
UPC79L00		UPC79L05		
UPC79M00		UPC79M05		
UPC79N00		UPC79N05		
UPC8001			UPC8002			
UPC8100			UPC8101			
UPC8102			UPC8103			
UPC8104			UPC8104GR-E1		
UPC8105			UPC8105GR-E1		
UPC8106			UPC8106T-E3		
UPC8106TB-E3		UPC8110			
UPC8110GR-E1		UPC8112			
UPC8112T-E3		UPC8112TB-E3		
UPC8116			UPC8116GR-E1		
UPC8119			UPC8119T-E3		
UPC8120T-E3		UPC8125			
UPC8125GR-E1		UPC8126			
UPC8128			UPC8128TB-E3		
UPC8129			UPC8129GR-E1		
UPC8130			UPC8139GR-7		
UPC8151TB-E3		UPC8152TB-E3		
UPC8158			UPC8158K-E1		
UPC8163			UPC8163TB-E3		
UPC8172			UPC8172TB-E3		
UPC8178			UPC8178TB-E3		
UPC8179			UPC8179TB-E3		
UPC8179			UPC8179TK-E3		
UPC8181			UPC8181TB-E3		
UPC8182			UPC8182TB-E3		
UPC8187			UPC8187TB-E3		
UPC8190			UPC8190K-E1		
UPC8191K-E1		UPC8194			
UPC8194K-E1		UPC8195			
UPC8195K-E1		UPC8204TK-E2		
UPC8211			UPC8211TK-E2		
uPD10500D-15		uPD1246			
UPD161401		UPD16306GF-3		
UPD16310		UPD16310GF-3L9		
UPD16311		UPD16311GC-AB6		
UPD16312		UPD16312GB-3B4		
UPD16314		UPD16314GJ-001-8	
UPD16326		UPD16326AGB-3B4		
UPD16334		UPD16335		
UPD16337		UPD16337GF-3		
UPD16340		UPD16341		
UPD16347		UPD16430		
UPD16430AGF-3B9		UPD16431		
UPD16431AGC-7		UPD16432		
UPD16432BGC-001-9	UPD16434		
UPD16434G-001-12	UPD16435		
UPD16435AN-001-001	UPD16448		
UPD16454		UPD16510		
UPD16510GR-8		UPD16520		
UPD16602		UPD16633		
UPD16634		UPD16640		
UPD16641		UPD16647		
UPD16650		UPD16650N-051		
UPD16654		UPD16655		
UPD16661		UPD16661AN-051		
UPD16662		UPD16662N-051		
UPD16663		UPD16663N-051		
UPD16664		UPD16664N-001		
UPD16666		UPD16666AN-051		
UPD16667		UPD16667N-051		
UPD16675		UPD16675AN-051		
UPD16676		UPD16676GF-3		
UPD16680		UPD16681		
UPD16681AP-011		UPD16681P-011		
UPD16682		UPD16682N-XXX-051	
UPD16700		PD16707			
UPD16715		UPD16732		
UPD16750		UPD16772		
UPD16780		UPD168001		
UPD16803		UPD16804		
UPD16805		D16805			
UPD16808		UPD168102		
UPD168112		UPD168113		
UPD168116		UPD16813		
UPD16814		UPD16818		
UPD16823		UPD16833		
UPD16833AG3		UPD16835		
UPD16835G3		UPD16837		
UPD16855		UPD16856		
UPD16857		UPD16873		
UPD16873AMC-6A4		UPD16877		
UPD16877MA-6A5		UPD16879		
UPD16901		UPD17005		
UPD17005GF-011-3B9	UPD17006AGF-011		
UPD17006AGF-011-3B9	UPD17010		
UPD17010GF-011-3B9	UPD17012		
UPD17012GC-XXX-8	UPD17015		
UPD17015GS-011		UPD17016		
UPD17016GF-XXX-3B9	uPD1703C-013		
uPD1703C-014		uPD1703C-015		
uPD1703C-018		UPD17052		
UPD17053		UPD1705C-012		
UPD1705C-014		UPD17062		
UPD17068		UPD17068GF-XXX-3	
UPD17071		UPD17071GB-011-1A7	
UPD17072		UPD17072GB-XXX-1A7	
uPD1708AG-011		UPD17120		
UPD17145		uPD1719			
UPD17201		UPD17201AGF-XXX-3B9	
UPD17202AGF-011		UPD17202AGF-011-3	
UPD17203		UPD17203AGC-XXX-3	
UPD17215		UPD17225		
UPD17230		UPD17230MC-XXX-5A4	
D1723			UPD1723GF-012-3		
UPD17704		UPD17704GC-XXX-3B9	
UPD17717		UPD17717GC-XXX-3B9	
UPD178002		UPD178002GC-XXX-3B9	
UPD178004		UPD178004AGC-XXX-3B9	
UPD178004GC-XXX-3B9	UPD178023		
UPD178023GC-XXX-8	UPD178024GC-051		
UPD178024GC-XXX-8	UPD178076		
UPD178076GF-XXX-3	UPD178F098		
UPD178F098GF-3		UPD178P018		
UPD178P018AGC-3B9	UPD178P018GC-3B9	
UPD17933		UPD17933GK-XXX-BE9	
UPD17P005		UPD17P005GF-3B9		
UPD17P068		UPD17P068GF-3		
UPD17P203		UPD17P203AGC-001-3	
UPD17P207		UPD17P207GF-001-3B9	
UPD17P218		UPD17P228		
UPD17P228MC-5A4		UPD17P236		
UPD17P236M1		UPD17P401		
UPD17P401GC-XXX-3B9	UPD17P709		
UPD17P709GC-3B9		UPD17P719		
UPD17P719GC-3B9		UPD1937			
UPD1990			UPD22100		
UPD27128		UPD2716			
UPD27256		UPD2732			
UPD2764			UPD27C1000AD12		
UPD27C1001AD12		UPD27C1024AD12		
UPD27C2001D15		UPD27C256AC15		
UPD27C4000CZ15		UPD27C4001DZ15		
UPD27C512D15		UPD27C64C25		
UPD27HC65DX25		UPD2813			
UPD2819			UPD2833			
UPD2845			uPD28C04C-20		
UPD28C04C20		uPD28C05C-20		
UPD28C05C20		uPD28C256CZ-20		
UPD28C256CZ20		uPD28C64		
uPD28C64C-20		UPD28C64C20		
UPD30121		UPD30121F1-131-GA1	
UPD30500		UPD30500RJ-150		
UPD31172		UPD31172F1-48		
uPD3520			uPD3570			
UPD3719			UPD3720			
UPD3725			uPD3725			
UPD3725			UPD3728			
UPD3729			UPD3734			
UPD3737			UPD3739			
UPD3747			UPD3753			
UPD3777			UPD3778			
UPD3788			UPD3794			
UPD3798			UPD3799			
uPD41101		D41464			
UPD41464C-10		uPD421000C-10		
UPD4216805		uPD42505		
uPD42601		UPD431000		
UPD431000ACZ-70		uPD431000AGU-70LL-9	
uPD431000AGU-B10X-9	uPD431000AGZ-85		
UPD43256		uPD43256BCZ-70		
uPD43256C-10		UPD4364			
UPD4464			UPD45128163		
uPD45128163G5-A10-9	UPD45128163G5-A10-9	
uPD45128163G5-A10LT-9	UPD454			
UPD4564323		UPD4564323G5-A10-9	
UPD458			MC-45D32CD641KFA-C75	
UPD4702			UPD4704			
UPD4711			UPD4712			
UPD4713			UPD4714			
UPD4715			UPD4721			
UPD4722			UPD4723			
UPD4724			UPD4726			
UPD488448		UPD488448FB-C60-53-DQ1	
UPD4990			UPD4991			
UPD4992			UPD5702TU-E2		
UPD5710			UPD5710TK-E2		
UPD61051		UPD6121			
UPD6124			UPD6125			
UPD6132			UPD6132MC-XXX-5A4	
UPD6133			UPD61P24		
UPD61P34		UPD62			
UPD63			UPD63200		
UPD63210		UPD6325			
UPD6326			UPD63310		
UPD63310GK-9		uPD63315GA-9		
UPD63335		uPD63335GA-9		
UPD6345			UPD6376			
UPD6379			UPD63			
UPD64084		UPD6450			
UPD6450CX-002		UPD6461			
UPD6464			UPD6466			
D6467			UPD6467			
D65005C198		uPD65612		
UPD6604			UPD66P04		
UPD6708			UPD6951			
uPD6951			UPD6P4			
UPD6P5			UPD6P5MC-5A4		
uPD70008AC-4		UPD7001			
uPD7001			UPD7002			
UPD7003			UPD7004			
UPD70108		uPD70108C-10		
uPD70108C-5		uPD70108HCZ-10		
UPD70208		UPD70208HGF-10-3B9	
UPD70236		UPD7030025AGC-25	
UPD703003		UPD703003AGC-25-XXX-8	
UPD703003GC-25-XXX-7	UPD703014		
UPD703014AF1-XXX-EA6	UPD703031		
UPD703031AGC-XXX-8	UPD703034		
UPD703035AGC-XXX-8	UPD703037		
UPD703037AGF-XXX-3	UPD703039		
UPD703100-33		UPD703100A-33		
UPD703100AF1-33-FA1	UPD703100GJ-33		
UPD703130		UPD70320		
UPD70320GJ-A--5		UPD70325		
UPD70325GJ-A--9-5	UPD70433		
UPD70433GD-12-5		UPD705100		
UPD705100GJ-100-8	UPD705101		
UPD705101GM-100-8	UPD705102		
UPD705102GM-133-8	UPD70732		
UPD70732GC-25-9		UPD70741		
UPD70741GC-25-7		UPD70F3003		
UPD70F3003AGC-25-8	UPD70F3015		
UPD70F3017AF1-EA6	UPD70F3040		
UPD70F3102-33		UPD70F3102GJ-33-8	
D71051			UPD71051C-10		
UPD71054		uPD71054		
UPD71055		UPD71055C-10		
UPD720012		UPD72001		
UPD720100		UPD720100AGM-8		
UPD720101		UPD720101F1-EA8		
UPD720110		UPD720112		
UPD720114		UPD720122		
UPD720122F1-DN2		UPD720130		
UPD720130GC-9		UPD720133		
UPD72042		uPD72064GC-3B6		
UPD72065		UPD72107		
uPD7210			UPD72120		
D7220			UPD7225			
UPD7225G00		UPD72850		
UPD72850AGK-9		UPD72852		
UPD72862		UPD72862GC-9		
UPD72870		UPD72870AF1		
UPD72870		UPD72872GC-9		
UPD72873		UPD72874		
UPD750004		UPD75004		
UPD750064		UPD750104		
UPD75028		UPD75036		
UPD7503			UPD75048		
UPD75064		UPD7507			
uPD7507			UPD75104		
UPD75104AGC-XXX-AB8	UPD75104		
UPD75108		UPD75108FGF-XXX-3	
UPD75112		UPD75116		
UPD75116HGC-XXX-AB8	UPD75206		
UPD75208		UPD75212		
UPD75216		UPD75217		
UPD75218		UPD75236		
UPD75236GJ-XXX-5	UPD75237		
UPD75237GJ-XXX-5	UPD75238		
UPD75238GJ-XXX-5	UPD7527			
UPD753012		UPD753012AGC-XXX-3B9	
UPD753012GC-XXX-3B9	UPD753036		
UPD753036GC-A--XXX-3B9	UPD75304		
UPD75304BGF-XXX-3B9	UPD753104		
UPD753104GC-XXX-AB8	UPD75312		
UPD75312BGC-XXX-3B9	UPD75312GF-A--XXX-3B9	
UPD753204		UPD75328		
UPD75328GC-A--XXX-3B9	UPD753304		
UPD75336		UPD75336GC-A--XXX-3B9	
75CG38			uPD7537			
UPD75402		UPD754144		
UPD754144GS-A--XXX-BA5	UPD754202		
UPD754202GS-A--XXX-BA5	UPD754264		
UPD754302		UPD75512		
UPD75512GF-A--XXX-3B9	UPD75516		
UPD75516GF-A--XXX-3B9	UPD75517		
UPD75517GF-A--XXX-3B9	UPD75518		
UPD75518GF-A--XXX-3B9	UPD7554			
UPD7556			UPD7564			
UPD7566			UPD75P0016		
UPD75P0076		UPD75P0116		
UPD75P036		UPD75P048		
UPD75P068		UPD75P108		
UPD75P116		UPD75P216		
UPD75P218		UPD75P238		
UPD75P238GJ-5		UPD75P3018		
UPD75P3018AGC-3B9	UPD75P3018GC-3B9	
UPD75P3036		UPD75P3036GC-3B9	
UPD75P308		UPD75P308GF-001-3B9	
UPD75P308GF-3B9		UPD75P3116		
UPD75P3116GC-AB8	UPD75P316BGC-3B9	
UPD75P316		UPD75P3216		
UPD75P336		UPD75P336GC-3B9		
UPD75P4308		UPD77015		
UPD77015GC-XXX-9	UPD77016		
UPD77018		UPD77018AGC-XXX-9	
UPD77019-013		UPD77019GC-013-9	
UPD77110		UPD77110GC-9		
uPD77110GC-9		UPD77113		
uPD77113AF1-xxx-CN1	uPD77115F1-CN1		
UPD7720			uPD77210F1-DA2		
uPD77533S1		UPD7759			
UPD78001		UPD780021		
UPD780024		UPD780031		
uPD780053GC-A--xxx-8	CCR12-0			
PD780131		uPD780143GC-A--xxx-8	
D780226			uPD78062GC-xxx-7	
uPD78062YGC-xxx-7	uPD78064BGC-xxx-3	
uPD78064BGCA-xxx-3	UPD780957		
UPD780973		UPD7810			
uPD7810			UPD78212		
UPD78217		UPD78233		
uPD78233GC-3B9		UPD78320		
UPD78320GF-A--3B9	uPD78320GJ-5		
UPD78323		UPD78323GJ-A--5		
UPD78330		UPD78361		
UPD78363		UPD78363AGF-XXX-3B9	
UPD784020		UPD784020GC-3B9		
mPD784031		UPD784031		
UPD784031GC-A--3B9	UPD784031		
UPD784031YGC-3B9	UPD784035		
UPD784035GC-A--XXX-3B9	UPD784035		
UPD784035YGC-XXX-3B9	UPD784037GC-XXX-3B9	
UPD784044		UPD784044GC-A--XXX-3B9	
PD784054GCA2		UPD784054GC-A--XXX-3B9	
UPD784214		UPD784214AGC-XXX-8	
UPD784218		UPD784218GC-XXX-8	
UPD784224		UPD784224GC-XXX-8	
UPD784907		UPD784907GF-XXX-3	
UPD784915		UPD784915AGF-XXX-3	
UPD784915		UPD784927		
UPD784927GC-XXX-8	PD784976		
UPD789022		UPD789101		
uPD789144		UPD789304		
UPD78C10		UPD78C10AGF-A--3	
UPD78C14		uPD78C14FA-xxx-3	
UPD78C17		UPD78C17GF-A--3		
UPD78CP14		UPD78CP18		
UPD78F4046		UPD78F4046GC-3B9	
uPD78F4216AGC-8		UPD78F9177GB-8		
UPD78F9177		UPD78P014		
UPD78P083		UPD78P322		
UPD78P322GF-3B9		UPD78P324		
UPD78P324GJ-A--5	UPD78P328		
UPD78P368		UPD78P368AGF-3B9	
UPD78P4038		UPD78P4038GC-3B9	
UPD78P4038		UPD78P4038YGC-3B9	
UPD78P4908		UPD78P4908GF-3		
UPD78P4916		UPD78P4916GF-3		
uPD791			uPD795			
uPD799			UPD799			
UPD8039			uPD8088			
UPD8251			UPD8253			
UPD8253C-2		UPD8255AC-2		
UPD8279			UPD8279C-2		
UPD82C43		UPD8755			
UPD8861			UPD8882			
UPD9611			UPD98401		
UPD98402		UPD98404		
UPD98405		UPD98409		
UPD98411		UPD9903			
UPD9930			UPD9930G-22		
uPD9930G-22		UPD99			
UPDS1040		UPDS1045		
UPDS3100		UPDS3200		
UPDS340			UPDS5100		
UPDS835			UPF01002		
UPF01012		UPF1N100		
UPF1N50			UPF1N50e3		
UPFS120			UPFS320			
UPG100			UPG103			
UPG110			UPG130			
UPG132			UPG132G-E1		
UPG133G-E1		UPG137			
UPG137GV-E1		UPG138			
UPG139			UPG152			
UPG152TA-E3		UPG153			
UPG153TB-E3		UPG154			
UPG154TB-E3		UPG155			
UPG158			UPG158TB-E3		
UPG168TB-E4		UPG173			
UPG173TA-E3		UPG174			
UPG174TA-E3		UPG175			
UPG181			UPG181GR-E1		
UPG183			UPG183GR-E1		
UPG2006			UPG2006TB-E3		
UPG2008TK-E2		UPG2009			
UPG2009TB-E3		UPG2010TB-E3		
UPG2012			UPG2012TB-E3		
UPG2012			UPG2012TK-E3		
UPG2015			UPG2015TB-E3		
UPG2022T5G-E1		UPG2022TB-E4		
uPG2024TQ-E1		UPG2027			
UPG2030			uPG2030TB-E3		
UPG2030			uPG2030TK-E2		
UPG2031TQ-E1		uPG2035T5F-E2		
UPG2050GR-E1		UPG2106			
UPG2106TB-E3		UPG2110TB-E3		
UPG2121			UPG2121TB-E3		
uPG2163T5		UPG2179			
UPG2179TB-E4		UPG2214			
UPG2214TB-E4		UPG2214TK-E2		
uPG2301TQ-E1		UPG501			
UPG503			UPGA301			
UPGA350Ae3		UPI-41			
UPI-452			UPI-C42			
P82C42			UPM301-2		
UPM3012			UPP1001			
UPP1001e3		UPP9401			
UPP9401e3		UPR05			
UPR10			UPR10e3			
UPR20			UPR20e3			
UPR60			UPR60e3			
UPR802			UPS1040			
UPS115			UPS120			
UPS120			UPS120			
UPS120e3		UPS120Ee3		
UPS140			UPS140e3		
UPS160E3		UPS3100E3		
UPS315			UPS340			
UPS340E3		UPS3540			
UPS3540			UPS360			
UPS360E3		UPS5100			
UPS5100E3		UPS530			
UPS540			UPS540E3		
UPS560			UPS5817			
UPS5817			UPS5817E3		
UPS615			UPS6150			
UPS760E3		UPS835			
UPS840			UPS840E3		
UPSD3212		UPSD3212C-24T1		
UPSD3213A-24T1		UPSD3233		
UPSD3233B-40T6		UPSD3253		
UPSD3253A-24T1		UPSD330			
uPSD3412C-24T1		UPSD3422		
UPT10			UPT10e3			
UPT12			UPTB520			
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