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TLC datasheets. To download datasheet click on exact partnumber.

TLC04		MF4A-100	TLC04CDG4	
TLC070		TLC072		TLC080		
TLC080AIDRG4	TLC0820		TLC0831		
TLC0834		TLC0834CDRG4	TLC1078		
TLC1078CDG4	TLC116		TLC1225		
TLC139		5962-9555001	TLC1514		
TLC1514IDG4	TLC1541		TLC1541CDWG4	
TLC1542		5962-9064202Q2	TLC1543		
TLC1549		TLC1549CDG4	TLC1550		
TLC193		5962-9555101	TLC2142		
TLC2201		5962-9088202M2	5962-9088201	
TLC2252		TLC2252-Q1	5962-9564001Q2	
5962-9564001	TLC2262		5962-9469201Q2	
TLC2262		TLC2264A-Q1	TLC2272		
TLC2272-Q1	TLC2272		5962-9555201	
TLC2272ACDG4	5962-9318201M2	TLC2274		
TLC227		TLC251		TLC251ACDRG4	
TLC252		TLC252BCDG4	TLC254		
TLC2543		TLC2543-Q1	TLC2543		
5962-9688601	TLC254		TLC254ACNE4	
TLC2551		TLC2551CDGKG4	TLC2554		
5962-9957002Q2	TLC2554CDG4	TLC2574		
TLC2652		5962-9089501	5962-9089501M2	
TLC2652AM-14	TLC2654		TLC2654AC-14	
5962-9089502	5962-9089502M2	TLC27		
TLC271		TLC271ACDG4	TLC272		
5962-89494022	TLC272		TLC272ACDRG4	
TLC274		TLC274ACDG4	TLC274X2	
5962-89494032	TLC27L2ACDG4	TLC27L4		
5962-90604042	TLC27M4ACDG4	TLC2801		
TLC2810		TLC2872		TLC2932		
TLC2933		TLC2934		TLC2940		
TLC2942		TLC2943		TLC32040	
TLC32041	TLC32044	5962-9086302M3	
5962-9086303M3	TLC32046	TLC32047	
TLC32071	TLC320A545	TLC320AC01	
TLC320AC02	TLC320AD50	TLC320AD52	
TLC320AD535	TLC320AD545	TLC320AD55	
TLC320AD56	TLC320AD57	TLC320AD58	
TLC320AD75	TLC320AD77	TLC320AD80	
TLC320AD81	TLC320AD90	TLC320AD91	
TLC320V343	5962-87659022	5962-8992801	
TLC34058-110	TLC34075	TLC34075-110	
TLC34076	5962-9474801	TLC34077	
TLC352		TLC352CDG4	TLC354		
TLC3541		TLC3541IDG4	TLC3544		
TLC354		TLC354CNE4	TLC363		
TLC363C20-8	TLC3702		TLC3702-Q1	
5962-9153201Q2	5962-9153201	5962-9096901M2	
TLC3704-Q1	TLC3704		TLC3704CDRG4	
TLC372		5962-87658012	5962-9554901	
TLC372CDG4	TLC374		5962-87659012	
TLC393-Q1	5962-9555101	TLC4501		
5962-9753701Q2	TLC4541		TLC532		
TLC540		TLC540IDWG4	TLC542		
TLC545		TLC546		TLC548		
TLC548CDRG4	TLC5502-5	TLC551		
TLC5510		TLC5510AINSRG4	TLC551		
TLC551CDG4	TLC552		TLC5540		
TLC5540CNSRG4	TLC555		5962-89503012	
5962-89503022	TLC556		TLC556IDG4	
TLC5602		5962-9469301	TLC5602CDWG4	
TLC5615		TLC5615CDG4	TLC5617		
TLC5618		5962-9955702Q2	TLC5620		
TLC5620CDG4	TLC5628		TLC5628CDWG4	
TLC5733		TLC5902		TLC5903		
TLC5904		TLC5904PZPG4	TLC5905		
TLC5905PAPG4	TLC5910		TLC5911		
TLC5911PZPG4	TLC5920		TLC5920DLG4	
TLC5921		TLC5921DAPG4	TLC5922		
TLC5922DAPG4	TLC5923		TLC5923DAPG4	
TLC5930		TLC5930PWPG4	TLC5940		
TLC5941		ICL7135		TLC7225		
5962-87802012	TLC7226		TLC7524		
TLC7524CDRG4	TLC7528		TLC7528CDWRG4	
TLC7628		TLC7628CDWG4	TLC7701		
TLC7701-Q1	5962-9750901Q2	TLC7701IDG4	
TLC8044		TLC8188		TLC876		
5962-9954001	TLC976		TLCB5100	
TLCB5800	TLCW5100	
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