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components listed

SP datasheets. To download datasheet click on exact partnumber.

Q67000-S065		SP0610			
7B64PS2701-SP06Q002-T-2	SP100			
SP12			SP125			
SP12			SP13006			
SP13007			SP1481			
SP1485			SP1490			
SP150			1N5391			
1N4001			SP1648			
SP1658			SP1674			
SP2-DC12		SP200			
SP201			SP202			
SP2026			SP202			
SP203			SP204			
SP204			SP207			
SP208			SP2209			
SP230			SP231			
SP232			SP2525			
SP2526			SP2526-1		
SP2526EN-1		SP26LV431		
SP26LV432		SP2996			
SP301			SP304			
SP306			SP3070-3078		
SP314			SP319			
SP320			SP3203			
SP320			SP322			
SP3220			SP3221			
SP3222			SP3223			
SP322			SP3232			
SP3238			SP3239			
SP3243			SP3281			
SP3282			SP331			
SP332			SP333			
SP334			SP34063			
SP3481			SP3483			
SP3485			SP3486			
SP3487			SP3488			
SP3489			SP3490			
SP3491			SP3493			
SP3494			SP3508			
SP37E760		SP385			
SP385E-1		SP385			
HSP43168GC-45		SP4403			
SP4405			SP4412			
SP4414			SP4416			
SP4422			SP4423			
SP4424			SP4425			
SP4428			SP4438			
SP4446			SP4480			
SP4490			SP4491			
SP4501			SP4666			
SP4740			SP4740			
SP481			SP483			
SP485			SP486			
SP487			SP488			
SP489			SP490			
SP4916			SP491			
SP495			SP502			
SP5026			SP502			
SP503			SP504			
SP505			SP5054			
SP5055			MT093			
SP5055			SP505			
SP506			SP507			
SP5070			SP507			
SP508			SP509			
SP514			SP516			
SP522			SP524			
SP526			SP5301			
SP5502			SP5510			
SP5511			SP5512			
SP5524			SP5610			
SP5611			SP5655			
SP5658			SP5659			
MT8812			SP5668			
SP5668KGMP1		SP5669			
SP5669KGMP1		SP5730			
SP5730			SP5730			
SP5748			SP5748-KG-MP1		
SP5748KGMP1		SP574			
SP5768			SP5769			
SP5769A-KG-MP1		SP5848			
SP5848KGQP1		MSP58C20		
SP600			SP601			
SP6120			SP6121			
SP6122			SP6123			
SP6128			SP6132			
SP6134			SP6137			
SP6139			SP6200			
SP6200EM5-1-5		SP6200EM5-2-7		
SP6203			SP6213			
SP6213EC5-1-8		SP6231			
SP6242			SP6306			
SP6307			SP6308			
SP6641			SP6641AEK-3-3		
SP6642			SP6644			
SP6645			SP6648			
SP6649			SP6650			
SP6651			SP6652			
SP6654			SP6655			
SP6656			SP6659			
SP6660			SP6661			
SP6680			SP6681			
SP6682			SP6683			
SP6685			SP6690			
SP6691			HS574			
SP682			SP6828			
SP6828-5		SP6829			
SP682			SP6830			
SP6832			SP690			
SP691			SP692			
SP701			SP702			
SP703			SP704			
SP705			SP706			
SP720			SP721			
SP730			SP741			
HS3140B-3-833		SP7611			
SP7614			SP7615			
SP7650			SP7651			
SP7652			SP7653			
SP7655			SP7800			
SP782			SP784			
SP78LC00		SP791			
SP8024			SP8034			
SP8040			SP8042			
SP8043			SP8050			
SP8051			SP8052			
SP8055			SP8056			
SP8057			SP8059			
SP8062			SP8107			
SP8110			SP8121			
SP8126			SP8127			
SP8400			SP8401			
SP8402			SP8480			
SP8527			SP8528			
SP8530			SP8537			
SP8538			SP8542			
SP8602			SP8607			
SP8610			SP8695			
SP8704			SP8713			
SP8714			SP8715			
SP8716			DES9208901		
SP8790			SP8792			
SP8792			SP8795			
SP8799			DES9066101		
DES9056701		DES9157001		
SP8830			DES9157201		
SP8852			SP8853			
SP8854			SP8855			
SP8855			SP8855			
SP8858			SP8861			
SP8902			SP8902KGMP1		
SP8904			SP8904KGMP1		
SP8906			SP8908			
SP8908KGMP1		SP8910			
SP8910KGMP1		SP8916			
SP8916KGMP1		SP8K5			
SP8M10			SP8M7			
SP8M8			SP8M9			
SP9316			SP9500			
SP9501			SP9504			
SP9600			SP9601			
SP9604			SPA-1118		
SPA-1218		SPA-1318		
SPA-2118		SPA-2318		
SPA02N80C3		SPA03N60C3		
SPA04N50C3		SPA04N60C2		
SPA04N60C3		SPA04N80C3		
Q67040-S4631		SPA06N80C3		
SPA07N60C2		SPA07N60C3		
SPA07N65C3		SPA08N50C3		
SPA08N80C3		SPA11N60C3		
SPA11N65C3		SPA11N80C3		
SPA12N50C3		SPA15N60C3		
SPA16N50C3		SPA17N80C3		
SPA20N60C2		SPA20N60C3		
SPA20N65C3		SPA21N50C3		
SPA25			DSP56857		
MC68331CFC16		MC68332ACFC16		
SPB-64			AE04			
SPB-G34			SPB-G54			
SPB-G56			SPB02N60C3		
SPB02N60C3		SPB02N60S5		
SPB03N60S5		SPB04N60S5		
SPB07N60S5		SPB08P06		
DSS2X61-01		SPB10015		
DSS2X81-0045		SPB10060		
SPB100N03S2-03		SPB100N03S2L-03		
SPB100N04S2-04		SPB100N04S2L-03		
SPB100N06S2-05		SPB100N06S2L-05		
SPB100N08S2-07		SPB100N08S2L-07		
SPB10N10		SPB11N60C2		
Q67040-S4395		11N60S5			
DSS2X110-080		SPB16015		
DSS2X121-0045		SPB16060		
SPB160N04S2-03		SPB160N04S2L-03		
SPB18P06		SPB20N60S5		
SPB20N60S5		SPB21N10		
SPB30N03		SPB35N10		
SPB42N03S2L-13		SPB47N10		
SPB70N10		SPB73N03S2L-08		
SPB77N06S2-12		SPB80100		
SPB8035			SPB80N03		
SPB80N03S2-03		SPB80N03S2L-03		
SPB80N03S2L-04		SPB80N03S2L-05		
SPB80N03S2L-06		SPB80N04S2-04		
SPB80N04S2-H4		SPB80N04S2L-03		
SPB80N06S2-05		SPB80N06S2-07		
SPB80N06S2-08		SPB80N06S2-09		
SPB80N06S2-H5		SPB80N06S2L-06		
SPB80N06S2L-07		SPB80N06S2L-09		
SPB80N06S2L-11		SPB80N06S2L-11		
SPB80N06S2L-H5		SPB80N08S2-07		
SPB80N08S2L-07		SPB80N10		
SPB80P06		SPC-0302-100		
SPC-0303-100		SPC-0602-100		
SPC-0603		SPC-0603-100		
SPC-0605-100		SPC-06502		
SPC-06502-100		SPC-06503		
SPC-06503-100		SPC-06703		
SPC-06703-100		SPC-06704		
SPC-06704-100		SPC-0703		
SPC-0703-100		SPC-0703P-100		
SPC-0704P-100		SPC-0905		
SPC-0905-100		SPC-1002		
SPC-1002-100		SPC-1003		
SPC-1003P-100		SPC-1004		
SPC-1004P-100		SPC-1005		
SPC-1005P-100		SPC-1204		
SPC-1204P-100		SPC-1205		
SPC-1205P-100		SPC-1207		
SPC-1207P-100		SPC-1506-2R4		
2ASPC1			SPC151-04		
SPC151-04		SPC153-04		
SPC153-04		SPC163-04		
SPC163-04		SPC401			
SPC401			2N2580			
2N2580			MPC5200BV400		
SPC714			SPC715			
SPC717			SPC814			
SPC815			SPC817			
SPD			SPD-121			
Q67040-S4188		SPD02N50C3		
SPD02N60		SPD02N60C3		
SPD03N50C3		SPD03N60C3		
SPD03N60S5		SPD04N50C3		
SPD04N60C2		SPD04N60C3		
SPD04N60S5		SPD04N80C3		
SPD06N80C3		SPD07N20		
SPD07N60C2		SPD07N60C3		
SPD07N60S5		10R8-3			
SPD08N10		SPD08N50C3		
SPD08P06		Q67040-S4130-A2		
SPD09P06		SPD100N03S2L-04		
SPD10N10		SPD1101-111		
SLD1122			1N1183			
SPD11N10		1N3879			
SPD13N05		2N3054			
SPD14N05		SPD14N06S2-80		
SPD15N06S2L-64		SPD18P06		
SPD205			SPD21N05		
SPD22N08S2L-50		Q67040-S4138-A2		
SPD23N05		10R4-59			
SPD25N06S2-40		SPD26N06S2L-35		
Q67040-S4138		SPD28N05		
SPD30N03		SPD30N03S2L-07		
SPD30N03S2L-10		SPD30N03S2L-20		
SPD30N06S2-15		SPD30N06S2-23		
SPD30N06S2L-13		SPD30N06S2L-23		
SPD30N08S2-22		SPD30N08S2L-21		
SPD30P06		SPD31N05		
SPD35N10		1N1201			
SPD50N03S2-07		SPD50N03S2L-06		
SPD50N06S2-14		SPD50N06S2L-13		
SPD50P03		1N5186			
1N5624			SFS2326			
SPD605			SPDA12205		
SPF-2086		SPF-3043		
2ASPF100		SPF5001			
SPF5002			SPF5003			
SPF5004			SPF5007			
SPF5009			SPF5012			
SPF5017			SPF5018			
SPFMIT302		SPG1316			
ESAA3401		ESAA3403		
ESAA5502		ESAA5501		
ESBG5507		ESAA5603		
SPH4690			SPH4692			
SPI-235-19		SPI-236-17		
SPI-238-18		SPI-240-15-T1		
SPI-335-34		SPI-336-99-T1		
SPI-8001		SPI-8001		
SPI-8002		SPI-8010		
SPI07N60C3		SPI07N60S5		
SPI07N65C3		SPI08N50C3		
SPI100N03S2-03		SPI100N03S2L-03		
SPI10N10		SPI11N60C3		
SPI11N60S5		SPI11N65C3		
SPI12N50C3		SPI15N60C3		
SPI16N50C3		SPI20N60C3		
SPI20N65C3		SPI21N10		
SPI21N50C3		SPI35N10		
SPI42N03S2L-13		SPI47N10		
SPI5342			SPI5842			
SPI70N10		SPI73N03S2L-08		
SPI80N03S2-03		SPI80N03S2L-03		
SPI80N03S2L-04		SPI80N03S2L-05		
SPI80N03S2L-06		SPI80N04S2-04		
SPI80N04S2-H4		SPI80N06S2-07		
SPI80N06S2-08		SPI80N06S2L-05		
SPI80N08S2-07		SPI80N10		
SPIP120			SPI_MS			
SPJ-63			SFH487406		
SPL2			SFH487401		
SPL2			SPLBG81			
SPLBXXX			SFH480402		
SPLCGXX			SFH488425		
SPLPLXX			SPM-2045		
SPM0103			SPM27C256H20		
SPM27C64C15		SPM3202			
SPM3204			SPM3205			
SPM3211			SPM3212			
SPM3214			SPM3216			
SPM3252			SPM3255			
SPM3501			SPN01N60C3		
SPN02N60C3		SPN02N60S5		
SPN03N60C3		SPN03N60S5		
SPN04N60C2		SPN04N60S5		
SPNZ132			Q67040-S4351		
SPP11N60		SPP15P10		
SPP20N60		SPP24N60C3		
SPP80N06S2L-05		SPR-1-08		
SPR-325			SPR-39			
SPR-505			SPR-54			
SPR1001			SPR11			
SPR150			SPR1601			
SPR161			SPR21			
SPR30			SPR39			
SPR51			SPR54			
SPR601			SPR81			
SPRG5111		PS010			
2ASPS100		SPS42			
SPS92			SPT1018			
SPT1019			SPT103			
SPT104			SPT1175			
SPT200			SPT205			
SPT206			SPT207			
SPT2110			SPT220			
SPT2210			SPT231			
SPT232			2N3742			
SPT5100			SPT5110			
SPT5126			SPT5140			
SPT5220			SPT5230			
SPT5230			SPT5240			
SFD5390			SPT5240			
SPT5310			2N5007			
SPT5400			SPT5400			
SPT5420			SPT5420			
SPT5510			SPT5510			
SPT5510			SPT561			
SPT574			SPT674			
SPT7610			SPT7710			
SPT7710			SPT7720			
SPT7721			SPT7721			
SPT7721			SPT7722			
SPT7722			SPT7722			
SPT7722			SPT7725			
SPT7730			SPT7730			
SPT7730			SPT7734			
SPT7734			SPT774			
SPT7750			SPT7750			
SPT7755			SPT7760			
SPT7810			SPT7814			
AD9713			SPT7820			
SPT7824			SPT7830			
SPT7830			SPT7835			
SPT7835			SPT7840			
SPT7840			SPT7850			
SPT7850			SPT7851			
SPT7852			SPT7852			
SPT7853			SPT7853			
SPT7855			SPT7855			
SPT7860			SPT7860			
SPT7861			SPT7861			
SPT7861			SPT7862			
SPT7863			SPT7863			
SPT7864			SPT7866			
SPT7868			SPT7870			
SPT7871			SPT7871			
SPT7910			SPT7912			
SPT7920			SPT7921			
SPT7922			SPT7935			
SPT7935			SPT7936			
SPT7936			SPT7937			
SPT7938			SPT8100			
SPT8100			SPT9101			
SPT9110			SPT9210			
SPT9400			SPT9401			
SPT9402			SPT9404			
SPT9405			SPT9406			
SPT9687			SPT9689			
SPT9689			SPT9691			
SPT9693			SPT9712			
SPT9712			SPT9713			
SPT9713			SPT9713			
SPU02N60		SPU30N03S2-08		
SPU30N03S2L-10		SPW11N60C2		
SPW11N60C3		SPW11N60		
SPW11N60S5		SPW11N80C3		
SPW12N50C3		SPW15N60C3		
SPW16N50C3		SPW17N80C3		
SPW20N60C2		SPW20N60C3		
SPW20N60		SPW20N60S5		
SPW21N50C3		24N60C3			
SPW32N50C3		Q67040-S4673		
SPW47N60C2		SPW47N60C3		
SPW47N60S5		SPW52N50C3		
SPX-62			SPX-G32			
SPX1004			SPX1004M1-1-2		
SPX1004			SPX1083			
SPX1083AT-5		SPX1084			
SPX1085			SPX1086			
SPX1117			SPX1117M3		
SPX1117M3-1-5		SPX1121			
SPX1121M3		SPX1129			
SPX1129M3-2-5		SPX1129M3-3-3		
SPX116			SPX116M1		
SPX116M1-3-5		SPX1202			
SPX1202M3		SPX1202M3-2-5		
SPX1431			SPX1431M1		
SPX1432			SPX1521			
SPX1521M3		SPX1521M3-3-3		
SPX1580			SPX1580T5		
SPX1580T5-2-5		SPX1581			
SPX1581T5		SPX1582			
SPX1582T5		SPX1583			
SPX1584			SPX1584AT-5		
SPX1585			SPX1587			
SPX1587R-1-5		SPX2340T-3-3		
SPX2391			SPX2431			
SPX2700			SPX2700AM3-3-3		
SPX2730			SPX2730T-3-3		
SPX2808			SPX2810AM3		
SPX2810M3-2-5		SPX2811			
SPX2815			SPX2815R-2-5		
SPX2840			SPX2870			
SPX29150		SPX29150T-1-8		
SPX2920			SPX2920M3		
SPX2930			SPX29300		
SPX29302		SPX2930M1-3		
SPX2930M1-3-3		SPX2931AM1		
SPX2931AM1-3-3		SPX2937			
SPX2937M3-10		SPX2940			
SPX2940T3-12		SPX2941			
SPX2941T5		SPX2945			
SPX2945M3		SPX2950			
SPX29500		SPX2950ACN-3		
SPX2951			SPX2954			
SPX2954AM3-3-3		SPX2955			
SPX2967			SPX2969			
SPX2975			SPX2975ACN-3		
SPX2975T5-5		SPX3431			
SPX3819			SPX3819M3		
SPX3819M5-1-2		SPX385-1-2		
SPX385-2-5		SPX3940			
SPX3940AM3		SPX4040			
SPX4040A2M-2-5		SPX4041			
SPX4041AM-2		SPX431			
SPX431CM1		SPX431			
SPX431M1		SPX432			
SPX5205			SPX5205M5		
SPX8863			SPX8863M5		
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