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4 307 195 
components listed

SL datasheets. To download datasheet click on exact partnumber.

SL012			SL02			
SL03			SL03			
SL05			SL05T1			
SL05			SL1000			
SL1003			SL1011			
SL1018			SL1019			
SL1024			SL1027			
SL1062			SL11			
SL12			SL12			
SL12			SL12			
SL12			SL12			
SL12			SL12			
SL12			SL12-T1			
SL1416			SL1452			
SL1452			SL1454			
SL1454			SL1461			
MT3170			SL1466			
SL1505			SL15100			
SL1515			SL161			
SL1613			SL1710			
SL1711			SL1714			
SL1776			SL1814			
SL1914			SL1914A-KG-MP1		
SL1914			SL1919			
SL1925			SL1925-KG-NP2		
SL1935			SL1935D-KG-NP1		
SL1ICS3001		SL1ICS3001U-L6		
SL1ICS3101		SL1ICS3101U-L6		
SL2009			SL2009-KG-NP1		
SL2015			SL2017			
SL2030			SL2035			
SL2055			SL20T0081		
SL2101			SL2101C-KG-LH2		
SL2150D-KG-LH1		SL2150F-KG-LH2		
SL22			SL22			
SL22			SL22			
SL22			SL22			
SL22-1000		SL22-T1			
SL2410			SL2411			
SL2418			SL2524			
SL25241			SL2610			
SL2610-IG-LH1		SL3010			
SL3011			SL30305			
SL303100		SL30315			
SL311			SL3145			
SL32			SL32			
SL32			SL32			
SL32			SL32-T1			
SL324			SL339			
34063AD			SL34063			
SL34118			SL34119			
SL3522			SL358			
SL386			SL393			
SL3ICS30		SL4001			
SL4001			SL4002			
SL4011			SL4012			
SL4013			SL4015			
SL4017			SL4019			
SL4020			SL4023			
SL4025			SL4028			
SL4029			4030B			
SL4030			SL4034			
SL4043			SL4049			
SL4050			SL4051			
SL4052			SL4053			
SL4060			SL4066			
SL4069			SL4070			
SL4071			SL4081			
SL4093			SL42			
SL431			SL4323			
SL432			SL443			
SL4502			SL4503			
SL4516			SL4518			
SL4520			SL4541			
SL4558			PSL5A11-2		
SL490			SL494			
SL5001			SL5015			
SL5018			SL5019			
SL5020			SL5021			
SL5022			SL5162			
SL521			SL5225			
SL523			SL5500			
SL5500			SL5501			
SL5504			SL5504			
SL5511			SL5511			
CNX82A300		CNX82			
SL5582			CNX82			
SL5583			SL560			
SL560			1N1095			
SL610			SL6140			
SL6140			SL6140			
SL623			SL63100			
SL6310			SL6310			
SL6315			SL6609			
SL6610			SL6619			
SL6649-1		SL6649			
SL6652			SL6652DG20		
SL6654			SL6659			
SL6679			SL6700			
SL70D0948		SL7101			
HC244			HC00			
SL74HC00		SL74HC02		
SL74HC03		SL74HC04		
74HC05			SL74HC05		
SL74HC08		SL74HC10		
HC109			SL74HC109		
SL74HC10		SL74HC11		
SL74HC112		SL74HC11		
HC123			SL74HC123		
HC125			SL74HC125		
SL74HC132		HC138			
SL74HC138		SL74HC139		
SL74HC14		SL74HC151		
SL74HC153		SL74HC154		
SL74HC157		SL74HC158		
HC161			SL74HC161		
HC163			SL74HC163		
74HC164			SL74HC164		
HC165			SL74HC165		
SL74HC166		HC174			
SL74HC174		SL74HC175		
SL74HC192		SL74HC193		
SL74HC20		SL74HC221		
SL74HC240		SL74HC241		
SL74HC244		HC245			
SL74HC245		SL74HC251		
HC253			SL74HC253		
HC257			SL74HC257		
SL74HC258		74HC273			
SL74HC273		SL74HC299		
SL74HC32		SL74HC323		
SL74HC32		74HC365			
SL74HC365		SL74HC367		
SL74HC373		SL74HC374		
SL74HC393		SL74HC4015		
74HC4046		SL74HC4046		
SL74HC4051		HC4052			
SL74HC4052		HC4053			
SL74HC4053		74HC4094		
SL74HC4094		SL74HC533		
SL74HC534		74HC573			
SL74HC573		HC595			
SL74HC595		SL74HC597		
SL74HC620		SL74HC623		
SL74HC640		SL74HC651		
SL74HC652		HC74			
SL74HC74		SL74HC75		
SL74HC86		SL74HCT00		
SL74HCT02		74HCT04			
SL74HCT04		SL74HCT08		
HCT10			SL74HCT10		
SL74HCT125		SL74HCT126		
SL74HCT132		SL74HCT138		
SL74HCT139		SL74HCT14		
SL74HCT153		SL74HCT157		
SL74HCT163		SL74HCT20		
HCT240			SL74HCT240		
SL74HCT241		HCT244			
SL74HCT244		SL74HCT245		
SL74HCT273		74HCT32			
SL74HCT32		HCT373			
SL74HCT373		SL74HCT374		
SL74HCT573		SL74HCT574		
SL74HCT74		SL74HCT86		
SL74HCU04		74LS05			
SL74LS05		7406			
SL74LS06		SL74LS07		
LS138			SL74LS138		
74LS14			SL74LS14		
SL74LS157		74LS161			
SL74LS161		74LS164			
SL74LS164		LS244			
SL74LS244		SL74LS245		
74LS86			SL74LS86		
SL74LV04		SL74LV138		
SL74LV14		LV244			
SL74LV245		SL74LV32		
74LV373			SL74LV373		
SL74LV374		LV573			
SL74LV573		SL74LVU04		
75232			SL75232			
SL811			SL9009			
SLA-360			SLA-370			
SLA-560			SLA0201			
SLA24C01		SLA24C01-D-3		
Q67100-H3223		SLA24C04		
SLA24C04-D-3		SLA24C08		
SLA24C08-D-3		SLA24C164		
SLA24C164-D-3		SLA24C32		
SLA24C64		SLA2501			
SLA2502			SLA3001			
SLA3002			SLA3004			
SLA3005			SLA3006			
SLA3007			SLA360			
SLA4010			SLA4030			
SLA4031			SLA4041			
SLA4060			SLA4061			
SLA4070			SLA4071			
SLA4310			SLA4313			
SLA4340			SLA4390			
SLA4391			SLA4708			
SLA5001			SLA5002			
SLA5003			SLA5004			
SLA5005			SLA5006			
SLA5007			SLA5008			
SLA5009			SLA5010			
SI-7502			SLA5011			
SLA5012			SLA5013			
SLA5015			SLA5017			
SLA5018			SLA5021			
SLA5022			SLA5023			
SLA5024			SLA5026			
SLA5027			SLA5029			
SLA5031			SLA5037			
SLA5038			SLA5040			
SLA5041			SLA5042			
SLA5044			SLA5046			
SLA5047			SLA5049			
SLA5052			SLA5054			
SLA5055			SLA5057			
SLA5058			SLA5059			
SLA5060			SLA5061			
SLA5064			SLA5065			
SLA5068			SLA5070			
SLA5072			SLA5073			
SLA5074			SLA5075			
SLA5077			SLA5085			
SLA5086			SLA5089			
SLA5094			SLA560			
SLA590LT3		SLA6012			
SLA6020			SLA6022			
SLA6023			SLA6024			
SLA6026			SLA6050			
SLA6503			SLA7020			
SLA7021			SLA7022			
SLA7024			SLA7024			
SLA7026			SLA7027			
SLA7029			SLA7031			
SLA7032			SLA7033			
SLA7042			SLA7042			
SLA7042			SLA7044			
SLA7050			SLA7050			
SLA7050MLF871		SLA7051			
SLA7051			SLA7051MLF871		
SLA7052			SLA7052			
SLA7060			SLA7060			
SLA7060MLF210		SLA7060MLF2102		
SLA7061			SLA7062			
SLA7062			SLA7065			
SLA7066			SLA7067			
SLA7070			SLA7611			
SLA8001			SLA8004			
SLB-25			SLB0586			
SLB0587			DS90C2501		
Q67100-A8315		SLC-22			
SLC10			SLC555			
SLC556			SIO10N268		
SLD-63518240		SLD-8			
2ASLD1			HV12			
SLD104			SLD105			
SLD10			SLD1121			
SLD1122			SLD1132			
SLD1133			SLD1133VL-53		
SLD1133			SLD1134			
SLD1135			SLD1137			
SLD1138			SLD114			
SLD1231			SLD131			
SLD1324			SLD231			
SLD233			SLD234			
SLD235			SLD237			
SLD238			SLD301			
SLD302			SLD302V-1		
SLD302			SLD303			
SLD303XT-1		SLD304			
SLD304V-1		SLD304			
SLD304XT-1		SLD322			
SLD322V-1		SLD322			
SLD322XT-1		SLD323			
SLD323V-1		SLD323			
SLD323XT-1		SLD324			
SLD324ZT-1		SLD326			
SLD326YT-1		SLD327			
SLD327YT-1		SLD342			
SLD342YT-1		SLD343			
SLD343YT-1		SLD344			
SLD344YT-2		SLD402			
SLD432			SLD6162			
SLD6163			SLD9630			
SLE11C001		SLE22C05		
SLE4404			SLE4406			
SLE4406			SLE4418			
SLE4432			SLE4436			
SLE4466			SLE44C10		
SLE44C20		SLE44C24		
SLE44C42		SLE44C80		
SLE5536			SLE55R01		
SLE55R04		SLE55R08		
SLE55R16		SLE6636			
SLE66C160		SLE66C161		
SLE66C162		SLE66C164		
SLE66C166		SLE66C168		
SLE66C20		SLE66C24		
SLE66C321		SLE66C322		
SLE66C324		SLE66C360		
SLE66C40		SLE66C42		
SLE66C44		SLE66C640		
SLE66C644		SLE66C680		
SLE66C681		SLE66C682		
SLE66C80		SLE66C82		
SLE66C84		SLE66CL160		
SLE66CL80		SLE66CL81		
SLE66CLX320		SLE66CLX321		
SLE66CLX640		SLE66CLX641		
SLE66CX1360		SLE66CX160		
SLE66CX162		SLE66CX182		
SLE66CX320		SLE66CX322		
SLE66CX360		SLE66CX640		
SLE66CX642		SLE66CX680		
SLE66CX80		SLE66R35		
SLE7736			SLE88CFX4000		
SLE88CFX4002		SLE88CX720		
SLES003			SLES025			
SLEV900			SLF10000		
SLF10145T-100M1R9	10MV5600		
SLF431			ECJ-3YB1E474		
SLG2016			SLH34DC3		
SLK2501			SLK2501CD1		
SLK2511			SLK2701			
SLK2721			SLK2721IPZPG4		
SLN-186			SLN-186-TR1		
SLN-286			SLP-3117E-51		
SLP-3130C-81		SLP-3131C-81		
SLP-3132C-81		SLP-4118B-51		
SLP-4130C-81		SLP-4131C-81		
SLP-9117E-51		SLP-9118B-51		
SLP-9130C-81		SLP-9131C-81		
SLP-9132C-81		SLP035A51		
SLP102			SLP135			
SLP135B51		SLP136B51		
SLP144B51		SLP160			
SLP182C51		SLP2020			
SLP24			SLP280			
SLP3030			SLP3114A50		
SLP3117E51		SLP336A51		
SLP5103A17		SLP5116A37		
SLP530			SLP530D50		
SLP595A27		SLR-322			
SLR-325			SLR-332			
SLR-342			SLR-343			
SLR-56			SLR305			
SLR33			SLR343			
SLR34			SLR34DC3		
SLR37			SLR38			
SLR40			SLR54			
SLR55			SLR56			
SLR56DC3		SLR57			
SLRM900			PT78NR103		
PT79SR106		PT4121			
PT6724			SLUA110			
SLUA159			SLVDA2-8		
SLVDA2-8		SLVDA28			
SLVE2-8			SLVE2-8			
SLVG2-8			SLVU2-8			
SLVU2-8			SLVU2-8-4		
SLVU2-8-4		SLVU2-8-4		
SLVU2-8-8		SLVU2-8-8		
SLVU2-8			SLVU2-8			
SLVU2-8K-4		SLVU2-8			
SLWS132			SLX-2043		
SLX24C01		SLX24C04		
SLX24C0816		SLX24C164		
SLX24C32		SLX24C64		
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