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PI-F2731-75		PI29FCT2520		
PI29FCT52		PI2B4300		
PI2BV3867		PI2BV3877		
PI3A125			PI3A3159		
PI3A3160		PI3A4624		
PI3B16209		PI3B16210		
PI3B16211		PI3B16212		
PI3B16213		PI3B16215		
PI3B16224		PI3B162244		
PI3B162245		PI3B16224		
PI3B16226		PI3B162292		
PI3B16232		PI3B16233		
PI3B16234		PI3B16245		
PI3B16248		PI3B162861		
PI3B16862		PI3B3125		
PI3B32160		PI3B32384		
PI3B3244		PI3B3245		
PI3B3251		PI3B3253		
PI3B3257		PI3B32X245		
PI3B32X384		PI3B3383		
PI3B33X257		PI3B34X245		
PI3B3861		PI3B3863		
PI3C16210		PI3C16211		
PI3C16212		PI3C16215		
PI3C16225		PI3C16226		
PI3C16234		PI3C16861		
PI3C3125		PI3C32160		
PI3C32384		P13C3244		
PI3C3244		PI3C3245		
PI3C32X245		PI3C32X384		
PI3C3305		PI3C3361		
PI3C3384		PI3C34X245		
PI3C34X461		PI3C34X484		
PI3C6800		PI3CH281		
PI3DBV40		PI3L100			
PI3L110			PI3L500			
PI3USB10		PI3USB20		
PI3V314			PI3V512			
PI3V514			PI3VT3245		
PI3VT32X245		PI3VT3306		
PI3VT3361		PI3VT3384		
PI3VT34X245		PI4884			
PI49FCT206		PI49FCT20802		
PI49FCT2807		PI49FCT32802		
PI49FCT32805		PI49FCT32806		
PI49FCT32807		PI49FCT3804		
PI49FCT3805		PI49FCT3807		
PI49FCT804		PI5A100			
PI5A101			PI5A121			
PI5A125			PI5A126			
PI5A3158		PI5A3159		
PI5A317			PI5A381			
PI5A391			PI5A4594		
PI5A4599		PI5A4624		
PI5A4626		PI5C16209		
PI5C16210		PI5C16211		
PI5C16212		PI5C16214		
PI5C162213		PI5C162215		
PI5C162244		PI5C162245		
PI5C16225		PI5C162292		
PI5C16233		PI5C16234		
PI5C162861		PI5C162862		
PI5C3125		PI5C32160		
PI5C32161		PI5C32200		
PI5C32201		PI5C32202		
PI5C32203		PI5C32244		
PI5C32245		PI5C32390		
PI5C3244		PI5C3245		
PI5C3251		PI5C3253		
PI5C3257		PI5C32861		
PI5C32X2245		PI5C32X2383		
PI5C32X2384		PI5C32X245		
PI5C32X384		PI5C3301		
PI5C3302		PI5C3303		
PI5C3305		PI5C3306		
PI5C3307		PI5C3308		
PI5C3309		PI5C3383		
PI5C3384		PI5C33X257		
PI5C3400		PI5C3401		
PI5C34171		PI5C34X2245		
PI5C34X2383		PI5C34X245		
PI5C3861		PI5C6800		
PI5C6801		PI5L100			
PI5L102			PI5L200			
PI5V330			PI5V331			
PI5V332			PI5X1018		
PI6C100			PI6C102			
PI6C102-16		PI6C102			
PI6C103			PI6C104			
PI6C105			PI6C106			
PI6C110			PI6C1201		
PI6C133-03		PI6C180			
PI6C182			PI6C184-02		
PI6C184			PI6C185-00		
PI6C185-01		PI6C185-02		
PI6C18551		PI6C2301		
PI6C2302		PI6C2305-1		
PI6C2308-1		PI6C2308A-1		
PI6C2309-1		PI6C2310		
PI6C2404		PI6C2405		
PI6C2408		PI6C2409		
PI6C2410		PI6C2501		
PI6C2502		PI6C2504		
PI6C2509-133		PI6C2510-133		
PI6C2516		PI6C2520		
PI6C2952-1		PI6C2972		
PI6C3991		PI6C3991-2		
PI6C39911		PI6C39911-2		
PI6C3Q991		PI6C3Q991-2		
PI6C41202		PI6C671			
PI6C673			PI6C918			
PI6C991-2		PI6C9910-5		
PI6C9911		PI6C9911-2		
PI6C9930		PI6CU877		
PI6CV2304		PI6CV855		
PI6CV857		PI6CVF857		
PI6CX100-27		PI74ALVC162334		
PI74ALVC162834		PI74ALVC162835		
PI74ALVC162836		PI74ALVC16334		
PI74ALVC16835		PI74ALVCH162244		
PI74ALVCH162260		PI74ALVCH1622601	
PI74ALVCH162260		PI74ALVCH162268		
PI74ALVCH16240		PI74ALVCH16244		
PI74ALVCH16245		PI74ALVCH16260		
PI74ALVCH162601		PI74ALVCH16260		
PI74ALVCH16269		PI74ALVCH16270		
PI74ALVCH16271		PI74ALVCH162820		
PI74ALVCH162827		PI74ALVCH16344		
PI74ALVCH16373		PI74ALVCH16374		
PI74ALVCH16500		PI74ALVCH16501		
PI74ALVCH16524		PI74ALVCH16543		
PI74ALVCH16600		PI74ALVCH16601		
PI74ALVCH16646		PI74ALVCH16652		
PI74ALVCH16721		PI74ALVCH16820		
PI74ALVCH16821		PI74ALVCH16823		
PI74ALVCH16825		PI74ALVCH16827		
PI74ALVCH16835		PI74ALVCH16841		
PI74ALVCH16863		PI74ALVCH16952		
PI74ALVCHR162245	PI74ALVCHR162524	
PI74ALVCHR16269		PI74ALVCHT16244		
PI74ALVCHT16245		PI74ALVCT16260		
PI74ALVTC16240		PI74ALVTC16241		
PI74ALVTC16244		PI74ALVTC16245		
PI74ALVTC16373		PI74ALVTC16374		
PI74AVC16345		PI74AVC164245		
PI74AVC16821		PI74AVC16834		
PI74AVC16835		PI74FCT132		
PI74FCT138		PI74FCT139		
PI74FCT151		PI74FCT153		
PI74FCT157		PI74FCT162240		
PI74FCT162244		PI74FCT162245		
PI74FCT162260		PI74FCT162344		
PI74FCT162373		PI74FCT162374		
PI74FCT162500		PI74FCT162501		
PI74FCT162511		PI74FCT162540		
PI74FCT162541		PI74FCT162543		
PI74FCT162646		PI74FCT162652		
PI74FCT162823		PI74FCT162827		
PI74FCT162841		PI74FCT162952		
PI74FCT162Q244		PI74FCT162Q245		
PI74FCT162Q373		PI74FCT162Q374		
PI74FCT163240		PI74FCT163244		
PI74FCT163245		PI74FCT163373		
PI74FCT163374		PI74FCT163		
PI74FCT191		PI74FCT193		
PI74FCT2240		PI74FCT2244		
PI74FCT2245		PI74FCT2273		
PI74FCT2373		PI74FCT2374		
PI74FCT241		PI74FCT2543		
PI74FCT2646		PI74FCT280		
PI74FCT2821		PI74FCT2827		
PI74FCT2861		PI74FCT3244		
PI74FCT3245		PI74FCT3573		
PI74FCT373		PI74FCT374		
PI74FCT377		PI74FCT521		
PI74FCT623		PI74FCT861		
PI74FCT890		PI74HSTL1212		
PI74LCX16240		PI74LCX16244		
PI74LCX16245		PI74LCX16373		
PI74LCX16374		PI74LCX16501		
PI74LCX16543		PI74LCX16646		
PI74LCX16652		PI74LCX16827		
PI74LCX16952		PI74LCX241		
PI74LCX244		PI74LCX245		
PI74LCX373		PI74LCX541		
PI74LCX543		PI74LCX573		
PI74LCX646		PI74LCX827		
PI74LPT16244		PI74LPT16245		
PI74LPT162Q952		PI74LPT16373		
P174			PI74LPT16374		
PI74LPT16501		PI74LPT16543		
PI74LPT16646		PI74LPT16827		
PI74LPT16827		PI74LPT16952		
PI74LPT240		PI74LPT241		
PI74LPT244		PI74LPT245		
PI74LPT2Q245		PI74LPT373		
PI74LPT541		PI74LPT543		
PI74LPT573		PI74LPT646		
PI74LPT827		PI74LVC3245		
PI74LVTC16244		PI74LVTC16245		
PI74LVTC245		PI74SSTV16857		
PI74SSTV16859		PI74ST1G00		
PI74ST1G02		PI74ST1G04		
PI74ST1G08		PI74ST1G125		
PI74ST1G126		PI74ST1G32		
PI74ST1G79		PI74ST1G86		
PI74STX1G04		PI74STX1G08		
PI74STX1G14		PI74STX1GT08		
PI74STX1GU04		PI74STX2G08		
PI74STX2G14		PI74VCX16240		
PI74VCX16241		PI74VCX16244		
PI74VCX16245		PI74VCX16373		
PI74VCX16374		PI7AT04			
PI7C21P100		PI7C7100		
PI7C7300		PI7C8140		
PI7C8148		PERICOMPI7C8150		
PI7C8152		PI7C8154		
PI7C81552		PI90LV01		
PI90LV022		PI90LV024		
PI90LV03		PI90LV044		
PI90LV047		PI90LV050		
PI90LV14		PI90LV211		
PI90LV386		PI90LV387		
PI90LVB017		PI90LVB050		
PI90LVB16		PI90SD1636		
PIC-1018		PIC-1023		
PIC-2021		PIC-2031		
PIC-2058		PIC-2063		
PIC-3068		12CE673			
12C508			PIC12C508		
PIC12C508-04		PIC12C508		
P12C508			12C671			
PIC12C671		PIC12C671-04		
PIC12C671T-04		PIC12CE518-04		
PIC12CE673		PIC12CE673-04		
PIC12CE673		PIC12F508		
PIC12F629		PIC12F635		
PIC14000		PIC14000-04		
PIC14000		PIC1654			
PIC16C432		PIC16C433		
16C554			16C505			
PIC16C505-04		PIC16C52		
PIC16C52-04		PIC16C54-10		
CF745			PIC16C554-04		
PIC16C554		PIC16C61		
PIC16C61-04		PIC16C61		
16C62			PIC16C620-04		
PIC16C62A-04		PIC16C62		
PIC16C62B-20		PIC16C62BT-04		
PIC16C62X-04		PIC16C63		
PIC16C63A-04		PIC16C641		
PIC16C641-04		PIC16C642-20		
PIC16C662		PIC16C71		
PIC16C71-04		PIC16C712		
PIC16C712-04		PIC16C712T-04		
PIC16C717		PIC16C72		
PIC16C72-02		PIC16C72		
PIC16C73B-04		PIC16C745		
PIC16C773		PIC16C781		
PIC16C83		PIC16C84		
PIC16C84-04		PIC16C923		
PIC16C923-04		PIC16C924		
PIC16C925		PIC16CE623		
PIC16CE623-04		PIC16CE623		
PIC16CR54A-04		PIC16CR54C-04		
PIC16CR62		PIC16CR620		
PIC16CR83-04		PIC16CR83		
PIC16F54		PIC16F62		
PIC16F627-04		PIC16F627-04-P301	
16F628			PIC16F627		
PIC16F627T-04		16F630			
PIC16F716		PIC16F72		
16F77			PIC16F73		
PIC16F74		PIC16F747		
PIC16F767		PIC16F818		
PIC16F84		16F871			
PIC16F870		16F872			
PIC16F872		PIC16F873		
PIC16F873-04		PIC16F873		
16F876			PIC16F874-O4		
P16F877			PIC16HV540		
PIC16HV540-04		PIC16LC71		
PIC16LC773		PIC16LF74		
PIC16LF870		PIC16LF872		
PIC17C42		PIC17C42-16		
PIC17C42A-08		PIC17C42T-08		
PIC17C752		PIC17C752-08		
PIC17C752-16		PIC17C756		
PIC17C756A-16		PIC17C756AT-08		
PIC17CC44		PIC17LC756A-08		
PIC18			PIC18C242		
PIC18C442		PIC18C601		
PIC18C658		PIC18CXX8		
PIC18F010		PIC18F1220		
PIC18F2220		PIC18F2331		
PIC18F24		PIC18F2420		
PIC18F2455		PIC18F248		
PIC18F2480		PIC18F2525		
PIC18F442		PIC18F4539		
PIC18F6390		PIC18F6525		
PIC18F6585		PIC18F6620		
PIC18F6722		PIC18LF010		
PIC600			PIC600-1		
PIC625			PIC645			
PIC645-1		PIC660			
PIC730			PIC7501			
PIC7513			PICDEM2			
Pigtail-3		PIIPM15P12D007		
PIMH9			PIMT1			
PIMZ2			PHP120			
PHP120			60KS200			
PHP120			PHP120			
PIP201-12M-3		PIP202-12		
PIP3104			PIP3105			
PIP3115			PIP3117			
PIP3118			PIP3119			
PIP3201			PIP3202			
PIP3207			PIP3208			
PIP3209			PIP3210			
PIP3213			PIP3221			
PIP3224			PIP401			
PHP84			PIT-1301		
PIT-1501		PIT-2301		
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