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1N5348 series datasheets. Manufacturer: EIC.

1N5333BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5334BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5335BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5336BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5337BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5338BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5339BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5340BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5341BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5342BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5343BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5344BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5345BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5346BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5347BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5348BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5349BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5350BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5351BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5352BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5353BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5354BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5355BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5356BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5357BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5358BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5359BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5360BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5361BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5362BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5363BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5364BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5365BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5366BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5367BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5368BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5369BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5370BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5371BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5372BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5373BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5374BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5375BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5376BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5377BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5378BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5379BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5380BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5381BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5382BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5383BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5384BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5385BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5386BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5387BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
1N5388BZener DiodesDatasheet*)
There are other manufacturers for this components. For more information please check
1N5348 (BOCA)
1N5348 (CENTR)
1N5348 (CRIMS)
1N5348 (Diotec Elektronische)
1N5348 (DIODS)
1N5348 (FAGOR)
1N5348 (GSEMI)
1N5348 (INTRN)
1N5348 (LITON)
1N5348 (Motorola)
1N5348 (Microsemi Corp.)
1N5348 (ON Semiconductor)
1N5348 (PAJIT)
1N5348 (SEMIK)
1N5348 (SINC)
1N5348 (SMTUK)
1N5348 (SGS-Thomson Microelectronics)
1N5348 (Semitronics Corp.)
1N5348 (TEL)
1N5348 (TRSYS)
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Click here to download Datasheet

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