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2N2896 series datasheets. Manufacturer: Continental Device India Ltd.

2N2896 1.800W General Purpose NPN Metal Can Transistor. 90V Vceo, 1.000A Ic, 35 hFE.Datasheet*)
2N3415 0.360W General Purpose NPN Plastic Leaded Transistor. 25V Vceo, 0.500A Ic, 180 - 540 hFEDatasheet*)
2N3700 0.500W General Purpose NPN Metal Can Transistor. 80V Vceo, 1.000A Ic, 100 - 300 hFE.Datasheet*)
There are other manufacturers for this components. For more information please check
2N2896 (CENTR)
2N2896 (Motorola)
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