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7400			7400			
7403			7403			
7403			7404			
7406			7406			
7406			74112			
74121			74121			
74125			74126			
74128			7413			
74138			74138			
7414			74145N			
74145N			74148			
54151			54153			
54154			74157			
74159			54161DM			
74163			74163			
74164			74173			
74173			74173			
74190			74191			
74191			74192			
74193			74194			
74194-M74HC194		54195DM			
54198DC			74199			
74221			74221			
74221			74221			
74240			74244			
74245			74260			
74260			74260			
74273			74273			
74273			74273			
74273			74273			
74273			74280			
74283			74283			
7429			7429			
5429FCT2052		5429FCT2053		
5429FCT2520		7429FCT520		
7430			7430			
7432			74365			
74373			74373			
74374-M74HC374		7438SJ			
74393			7442			
7442			7442			
744ALS244A-1		744ALS245A-1		
744ALS645A-1		1705			
7464			7473			
7475			7475			
74802			7485			
7486			74C00			
74C14			74C221			
74C2525			74C86			
74C907			74C911			
74C922			74C922			
74C925			74CB3Q16210DGGRE4	
74CB3Q16211DGGRE4	74CB3Q16244DGGRE4	
74CB3Q16245DGGRE4	74CB3Q16811DGGRE4	
74CB3Q3125DBQRE4	74CB3Q3244DBQRE4	
74CB3Q3245DBQRE4	74CB3Q3251DBQRE4	
74CB3Q3253DBQRE4	74CB3Q3257DBQRE4	
74CB3Q3305DCURE4	74CB3Q3306ADCURE4	
74CB3Q3345DBQRE4	74CB3Q3384ADBQRE4	
74CB3Q6800DBQRE4	74CB3T16210DGGRE4	
74CB3T16211DGGRE4	74CB3T16211DLRG4	
74CB3T16212DGGRE4	74CB3T1G125DBVRE4	
74CB3T3125DGVRE4	74CB3T3245DBQRE4	
74CB3T3253DBQRE4	74CB3T3257DGVRE4	
74CB3T3306DCTRE4	74CB3T3383DBQRE4	
74CB3T3384DBQRE4	74CBT16209ADGGRE4	
74CBT16210CDGGRE4	74CBT16210DGGRE4	
74CBT16211ADGGRE4	74CBT16211CDGGRE4	
5962-9852101		74CBT16212CDGGRE4	
74CBT16213DGGRE4	74CBT16214CDGGRE4	
74CBT16214DGGRE4	74CBT162292DGGRE4	
74CBT16232DGGRE4	74CBT16233DGGRE4	
74CBT16244CDGGRE4	5962-9855301		
74CBT16245CDGGRE4	74CBT16245DGGRE4	
74CBT16292DGGRE4	74CBT16390DGGRE4	
74CBT16800CDGGRE4	74CBT16811CDGGRE4	
74CBT16861DGGRE4	74CBT1G125DBVRE4	
74CBT34X245DBBRE4	74CBTD16210DGGRE4	
5962-9752701Q3		74CBTD3861DBQRE4	
74CBTH16211DGGRE4	74CBTK16245DGGRE4	
74CBTK6800DBQRE4	74CBTLV16210GRG4	
74CBTLV16211		74CBTLV16211DLRG4	
74CBTLV16212GRE4	74CBTLV16292GRE4	
74CBTLV16800GRE4	74CBTLV1G125CRE4	
74CBTR16861DGGRE4	74CBTS16211DGGRE4	
74CBTS6800DBQRE4	74F00			
74F00			74F00			
74F00			74F00			
74F02			74F02			
74F02			74F02			
74F02			74F04			
74F04			74F04			
74F04			74F06			
54F08			74F08			
74F08			74F08			
74F08			74F10			
74F10			54F10			
74F1056			74F1071			
74F109			74F109			
74F109			74F109			
74F109			74F10			
74F10			74F10			
74F11			74F112			
74F112			74F113			
74F113			74F114			
74F11			74F11			
74F11			74F1240			
74F1244			74F1245			
74F125			74F125			
74F125			74F132			
74F132			54F132			
74F132			74F133			
74F138			74F138			
74F138			74F138			
74F139			74F139			
54F139			74F139			
74F139			74F139			
54F14			74F14			
74F14			74F14			
74F148			74F148			
74F148			74F14			
54F14			74F14			
74F151			74F151			
74F151			74F151			
74F153			74F153			
74F153			74F153			
74F154			74F157			
74F157			74F157			
74F158			74F158			
74F1604			74F160			
74F161			74F161			
74F161			74F161			
74F161			74F162			
74F163			74F164			
74F164			74F164			
74F164			74F166			
74F169			74F169			
54F169			74F169			
54F169			74F169			
74F173			74F174			
74F174			54F174			
74F174			74F174			
74F174			74F175			
54F175			74F175			
74F175			74F175			
74F175			74F1763			
74F1779			74F1804			
74F1805			74F1808			
74F181			74F181			
54F181			74F181			
74F181			74F182			
54F182			74F182			
74F182			74F182			
74F1832			54F189			
74F189			74F189			
74F189			74F189			
74F189			74F189			
54F190			74F190			
74F190			74F191			
54F191			74F191			
74F191			74F191			
74F191			54F192			
74F192			74F192			
74F193			54F			
74F193			74F193			
74F193			54F194			
74F194			74F194			
74F194			74F194			
74F195			74F198			
74F199			74F20			
74F20			54F20			
74F20			74F20			
74F219			54F219			
74F219			74F219			
74F219			74F224			
74F2240			74F2240			
74F2243			74F2244			
54F2244			74F2244			
74F2244			74F2244			
74F2245			74F225			
74F2373			74F240			
74F240			54F240			
74F240			54F241			
74F240			74F241			
74F242			74F243			
54F243			74F243			
74F244			74F244			
74F245			74F245			
74F245			74F245			
74F245			74F251			
74F251			74F251			
74F251			74F251			
74F253			74F253			
54F253			74F253			
74F253			74F253			
74F256			74F257			
74F257			74F257			
74F257			74F257			
74F258			74F258			
74F258			74F258			
74F259			74F260			
54F2620			54F2640			
74F2645			74F269			
74F269			74F269			
74F27			74F27			
74F273			54F273			
74F273			54F273			
74F273			54F273			
74F273			74F27			
54F280			74F280			
74F280			74F280			
74F280			74F280			
74F280			54F283			
74F283			74F283			
74F283			74F283			
74F2952			74F298			
74F299			54F299			
74F299			74F299			
74F299			74F30			
74F30			74F30240		
74F3037			74F3038			
74F3040			74F30			
74F32			54F32			
74F32			74F322			
54F322			74F322			
54F322			74F322			
74F323			74F323			
74F323			74F32			
74F32			74F350			
74F350			74F350			
74F352			74F353			
74F36			74F365			
74F365			74F365			
74F366			74F368			
74F37			74F37			
74F373			74F373			
54F373			74F373			
74F373			74F373			
74F374			74F374			
74F374			74F377			
74F377			74F377			
54F377			74F377			
74F378			74F378			
54F378			74F379			
54F379			74F379			
74F379			74F379			
74F379			74F37			
74F38			54F38			
74F38			74F381			
74F381			74F381			
74F382			74F382			
74F382			54F384			
74F385			74F3893			
74F38			74F38			
74F393			74F395			
74F398			54F398			
74F398			74F398			
74F398			74F399			
74F40			74F401			
54F402			74F402			
54F402			74F403			
74F410			54F410			
74F410			74F413			
54F413			74F413			
74F413			74F433			
74F455			74F50109		
74F50728		74F50729		
74F5074			74F51			
74F51			74F521			
74F521			74F521			
74F521			74F524			
74F524			74F524			
74F5300			74F5302			
54F533			74F533			
74F533			74F533			
74F533			74F534			
54F534			74F534			
74F534			74F537			
74F537			74F538			
74F538			74F538			
74F539			74F539			
74F540			74F540			
54F540			74F540			
54F540			74F540			
74F541			74F543			
74F543			54F544			
74F544			74F544			
74F545			54F545			
74F545			74F545			
74F545			74F552			
74F552			74F552			
74F563			74F564			
74F564			74F564			
74F569			74F569			
74F569			54F573			
74F573			74F573			
54F573			74F573			
74F574			54F574			
74F574			74F574			
74F574			74F579			
74F579			74F579			
54F579			74F579			
74F583			74F583			
74F583			74F595			
74F597			74F598			
74F604			74F620			
74F620			74F621			
74F623			74F64			
54F64			74F64			
74F640			74F640			
74F641			74F645			
74F646			74F646			
54F646			74F646			
54F646			74F646			
74F647			74F648			
74F64			74F64			
54F651			74F651			
74F651			54F651			
74F651			74F652			
74F655			74F657			
74F657			74F657			
74F670			74F673			
74F674			74F675			
74F676			74F676			
74F676			74F676			
74F676			74F711-1		
74F723-1		74F74			
74F74			54F74			
74F74			74F74			
74F756			74F764-1		
74F776			74F777			
74F779			74F779			
54F779			74F779			
74F786			74F794			
74F807			54F821			
74F821			74F821			
54F821			74F821			
74F823			54F823			
74F823			74F823			
74F825			54F825			
74F825			74F825			
54F827			74F827			
74F827			74F827			
74F827			74F828			
74F835			74F841			
74F841			74F843			
74F845			74F85			
74F86			54F86			
74F86			74F862			
74F86			74F86			
74F86			74F8960			
74F8962			74F8965			
74F899			74FCT162240		
74FCT162244		74FCT162244TPACTE4	
74FCT162245		74FCT162245TPACTE4	
74FCT162373		74FCT162374		
74FCT16244		74FCT16244		
74FCT16245		74FCT162500		
74FCT162501		74FCT162543		
74FCT162646		74FCT162652		
74FCT162823		74FCT162827		
74FCT162841		74FCT162952		
74FCT163H244		74FCT163H245		
74FCT163H374		74FCT163H501		
74FCT163H952		74FCT16500CTPACTE4	
74FCT2374ATSOCTE4	74FCT244		
74FCT244		74FCT245		
74FCT245		74FCT2541ATSOCTE4	
54FCT			54FCT374		
74FCT540		74FR1074		
74FR16245		74FR16245		
74FR16245		74FR16245		
74FR16540		74FR16541		
74FR2240		74FR2244		
74FR2245		74FR240			
74FR244			74FR245			
74FR245			74FR245			
74FR245			74FR25900		
74FR543			74FR573			
74FR74			74FR900			
74FR9240		74FR9244		
74FR9245		74FST3126		
74FST3244		74FST3245		
74FST3251		74FST32517		
74FST3253		74FST3257DR2		
74FST3345		74FST3383		
74FST3384		74FST3400		
74GTL1655		74GTL1655		
74GTL16612DGGRE4	74GTL16616DGGRE4	
74GTL16622ADGGRE4	74GTL16923DGGRE4	
74GTLP21395DGVRE4	74GTLP22033DGGRE4	
74GTLPH16612GRE4	74GTLPH16912GRE4	
74GTLPH16916GRE4	74GTLPH16927GRE4	
74H1G66			74HC			
74HC-HCT00		74HC-HCT02		
74HC-HCT244		74HC-HCT245		
74HC-HCT373		74HC-HCT541		
74HC-HCT162		74HC-HCT182		
74HC-HCT190		74HC-HCT192		
74HC-HCT195		74HC-HCT242		
74HC-HCT297		74HC-HCT354		
74HC-HCT356		74HC-HCT40102		
74HC-HCT40104		74HC-HCT4352		
74HC-HCT4510		74HC-HCT4516		
74HC-HCT4543		74HC-HCT533		
74HC-HCT583		74HC-HCT7080		
74HC-HCT7245		74HC-HCT7404		
74HC-HCT7597		74HC-HCT9014		
74HC-HCT9015		74HC00			
74HC01			74HC02			
74HC03			74HC04			
74HC05			74HC05			
74HC05			74HC05			
74HC05			74HC07			
74HC08			74HC10			
74HC107			74HC109			
74HC10			74HC11			
74HC112			74HC11			
74HC123			74HC125			
74HC126			74HC132			
74HC133			74HC137			
74HC138			74HC139			
74HC14			74HC147			
74HC148			74HC148			
74HC148			74HC148			
74HC14			5962-8409101		
74HC151			74HC153			
74HC154			74HC155			
74HC155			54HC157			
54HC157			74HC157			
74HC158			74HC158			
74HC158			74HC160			
74HC161			74HC162			
74HC163			74HC164			
74HC164			74HC164			
74HC164			74HC164			
74HC164			74HC164			
74HC165			74HC166			
74HC173			74HC174			
74HC175			74HC181			
74HC182			74HC190			
74HC191			74HC191			
74HC192			74HC193			
74HC194			74HC195			
74HC1G00		74HC1G02		
74HC1G04		74HC1G08		
74HC1G125		74HC1G126		
74HC1G14		74HC1G32		
74HC1G66		74HC1G86		
74HC1GU04		74HC20			
74HC21			74HC221			
74HC237			74HC238			
74HC240			74HC241			
74HC242			74HC243			
74HC244			74HC245			
74HC251			74HC253			
74HC257			74HC257			
74HC257			74HC257			
74HC257			74HC258			
74HC259			74HC27			
74HC273			74HC273			
74HC273			74HC27			
74HC280			74HC283			
74HC297			74HC298			
74HC299			74HC2G00		
74HC2G02		74HC2G08		
74HC2G125		74HC2G126		
74HC2G14		74HC2G32		
74HC2G66		74HC2G86		
74HC30			74HC32			
74HC354			74HC356			
74HC365			74HC365			
74HC365			74HC366			
74HC367			74HC368			
74HC373			74HC374			
74HC377			74HC390			
74HC393			74HC3G04		
74HC3G07		74HC3G14		
74HC3G34		74HC4002		
74HC40102		74HC40103		
74HC40103		74HC40103		
74HC40104		74HC40105		
74HC4015		74HC4016		
74HC4017		74HC4020		
74HC4024		74HC4040		
74HC4046		74HC4046		
74HC4046		74HC4046		
74HC4049		74HC4050		
74HC4051		74HC4051		
74HC4051		74HC4052		
74HC4053		74HC4059		
74HC4060		74HC4066		
74HC4067		74HC4075		
74HC4075		74HC4075		
74HC4075		74HC4075		
74HC4075		74HC4094		
74HC4094		74HC4094		
74HC4094		74HC4094		
74HC42			74HC423			
74HC42			74HC4316		
74HC4351		74HC4352		
74HC4353		74HC4510		
74HC4511		74HC4514		
74HC4515		74HC4516		
74HC4518		74HC4520		
74HC4538		74HC4538		
74HC4538		74HC4538		
74HC4538		74HC4538		
74HC4538		74HC4538		
74HC4543		74HC51			
74HC51			74HC533			
74HC534			74HC540			
74HC541			74HC541			
74HC541			74HC541			
74HC541			74HC541			
74HC541			74HC541			
74HC5555		74HC563			
74HC564			74HC573			
74HC573			74HC573			
74HC574			74HC58			
74HC583			74HC58			
74HC590			74HC590			
74HC590			74HC594			
74HC595			74HC595			
74HC595			74HC595			
74HC597			74HC620			
74HC6323		74HC640			
74HC643			74HC646			
74HC648			74HC652			
74HC670			74HC688			
74HC7014		74HC7030		
74HC7046		74HC7080		
74HC7245		74HC7266		
74HC73			74HC74			
74HC7403		74HC7404		
74HC74			74HC75			
74HC7540		74HC7541		
74HC7597		74HC75			
74HC7731		74HC85			
74HC86			74HC9014		
74HC9015		74HC91			
74HC91			74HC9114		
74HC9115		74HC93			
74HC9323		74HC93			
74HCMOS147		74HCT04			
74HCT1284		74HCT164		
74HCT190		54HCT240		
74HCT2G125		74HCT32			
74HCT401		74HCT4051		
74HCT4066		74HCT4520		
74HCT573		74HCT7273		
74HCT9046		74HCU04			
74HC_HCT151		74HC_HCT258		
74HSTL162822DGGRE4	74HSTL16918DGGRG4	
74HSTL16919DGGRE4	74MMC221		
74OL6000		74OL6000		
74OL6000300		74OL6001		
74OL6010		74OL6011		
54LS189			74S225			
54LS299			74SSTL16837ADGGRE4	
74SSTL16847DGGRE4	74SSTL16857DGGRE4	
74SSTU32864		74SSTV16859DGGRG4	
74SSTVF32852		74TVC16222ADGGRE4	
74V1G00			74V1G02			
74V1G03			74V1G04			
74V1G05			74V1G07			
74V1G08			74V1G125		
74V1G126		74V1G14			
74V1G32			74V1G384		
74V1G66			74V1G70			
74V1G77			74V1G79			
74V1G80			74V1G86			
74V1GU04		74V1T00			
74V1T02			74V1T03			
74V1T04			74V1T05			
74V1T07			74V1T08			
74V1T125		74V1T126		
74V1T14			74V1T32			
74V1T384		74V1T66			
74V1T70			74V1T77			
74V1T79			74V1T80			
74V1T86			74V2G00			
74V2G02			74V2G03			
74V2G04			74V2G05			
74V2G07			74V2G08			
74V2G125		74V2G126		
74V2G132		74V2G14			
74V2G32			74V2G384		
74V2G66			74V2G70			
74V2G74			74V2G86			
74V2GU04		74V2T00			
74V2T02			74V2T03			
74V2T04			74V2T05			
74V2T07			74V2T08			
74V2T125		74V2T126		
74V2T132		74V2T14			
74V2T241		74V2T32			
74V2T384		74V2T66			
74V2T70			74V2T86			
74VCX00			74VCX08			
74VCX08			74VCX132		
74VCX162240		74VCX162240		
74VCX162244		74VCX162244		
74VCX162244		74VCX162244		
74VCX162245		74VCX162245		
74VCX162245		74VCX162245		
74VCX162373		74VCX162373		
74VCX162374		74VCX162374		
74VCX16240		74VCX16240		
74VCX16244		74ALVC16244		
74VCX16244		74VCX16245		
74ALVC16245		74VCX16245		
74VCX162601		74VCX162827		
74VCX162835		74VCX162838		
74VCX162839		74VCX1632245		
74VCX163245		74VCX163245		
74VCX163245		74VCX16373		
74VCX16373		74VCX16374		
74VCX16374		74VCX164245		
74VCX16500		74VCX16501		
74VCX16601		74VCX16721		
74VCX16722		74VCX16821		
74VCX16827		74VCX16835		
74VCX16838		74VCX16839		
74VCX16841		74VCX2245		
74VCX245		74VCX32			
74VCX32244		74VCX32245		
74VCX32373		74VCX32374		
74VCX32500		74VCX32			
74VCX38			74VCX86			
74VCXF162835		74VCXH162240		
74VCXH162240		74VCXH162244		
74VCXH162244		74VCXH162245		
74VCXH162373		74VCXH162373		
74VCXH162374		74VCXH162374		
74VCXH16240		74VCXH16240		
74VCXH16244		74VCXH16244		
74VCXH16245		74VCXH16245		
74VCXH16373		74VCXH16373		
74VCXH16374		74VCXH16374		
74ALVCH16374		74VCXH16374		
74VCXH2245		74VCXH245		
74VCXH245MNR2		74VCXH245		
74VCXH32245		74VCXHQ163245		
74VCXHR162245		74VCXR162245		
74VCXR162601		74VHC00			
74VHC00			74VHC00			
74VHC00			74VHC02			
74VHC02			74VHC02			
74VHC03			74VHC04			
74VHC04			74VHC04			
74VHC04			74VHC05			
74VHC08			74VHC08			
74VHC08			74VHC08			
5740			74VHC112		
74VHC123		74VHC125		
74VHC125		74VHC125		
74VHC125		74VHC126		
74VHC132		74VHC132		
74VHC132		74VHC132		
74VHC138		74VHC138		
74VHC138		74VHC138		
74VHC139		74VHC139		
74VHC139		74VHC139		
74VHC14			74VHC14			
74VHC14			74VHC153		
74VHC157		74VHC157		
74VHC157		74VHC16			
74VHC161		74VHC161284		
74VHC161		74VHC16240		
74VHC16244		74VHC16245		
74VHC163		74VHC16373		
74VHC16374		74VHC163		
74VHC164		74VHC174		
74VHC175		74VHC20			
74VHC221		74VHC238		
74VHC240		74VHC240		
74VHC240		74VHC244		
74VHC244		74VHC244		
74VHC244		74VHC245		
74VHC245		74VHC245		
74VHC257		74VHC27			
74VHC27			74VHC273		
74VHC273		74VHC273		
74VHC273		74VHC273		
74VHC27			74VHC27			
74VHC27			74VHC27			
74VHC32			74VHC32			
74VHC32			74VHC32			
74VHC32			74VHC373		
74VHC373		74VHC373		
74VHC373		74VHC374		
74VHC374		74VHC374		
74VHC374		74VHC393		
74VHC4040		74VHC4046		
74VHC4046		74VHC4051		
74VHC4052		74VHC4052		
74VHC4053		74VHC4066		
74VHC4066		74VHC4066		
74VHC4316		74VHC541		
74VHC541		74VHC541		
74VHC541		74VHC573		
74VHC573		74VHC573		
74VHC573		74VHC574		
74VHC574		74VHC574		
74VHC574		74VHC574		
74VHC594		74VHC595		
74VHC74			74VHC74			
74VHC74			74VHC74			
74VHC86			74VHC86			
74VHC86			74VHCT00		
74VHCT00		74VHCT00		
74VHCT00		74VHCT00		
74VHCT02		74VHCT03		
74VHCT04		74VHCT04		
74VHCT04		74VHCT04		
74VHCT05		74VHCT08		
74VHCT08		74VHCT08		
74VHCT125		74VHCT126		
74VHCT132		74VHCT138		
74VHCT138		74VHCT138		
74VHCT138		74VHCT139		
74VHCT14		74VHCT14		
74VHCT14		74VHCT14		
74VHCT157		74VHCT16240		
74VHCT16244		74VHCT16245		
74VHCT16373		74VHCT16374		
74VHCT174		74VHCT20		
74VHCT238		74VHCT240		
74VHCT240		74VHCT240		
74VHCT240		74VHCT244		
74VHCT244		74VHCT244		
74VHCT244		74VHCT245		
74VHCT245		74VHCT245		
74VHCT245		74VHCT257		
74VHCT27		74VHCT273		
74VHCT27		74VHCT32		
74VHCT373		74VHCT373		
74VHCT373		74VHCT373		
74VHCT374		74VHCT374		
74VHCT374		74VHCT374		
74VHCT41		74VHCT540		
74VHCT541		74VHCT541		
74VHCT541		74VHCT573		
74VHCT573		74VHCT573		
74VHCT573		74VHCT574		
74VHCT574		74VHCT574		
74VHCT574		74VHCT74		
74VHCT74		74VHCT74		
74VHCT74		74VHCT86		
74VHCU04		74VHCU04		
74VHCU04		74VMEH22501ADGGRE4	
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