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2SB datasheets. To download datasheet click on exact partnumber.

2SB0621		2SB0642		2SB0643		
2SB0709		2SB0710		2SB0726		
2SB0745		2SB0766		2SB0767		
2SB0774		2SB0779		2SB0788		
2SB0789		2SB0790		2SB0792		
2SB0819		2SB0873		2SB0928		
2SB0929		2SB0930		2SB0931		
2SB0932		2SB0933		2SB0934		
2SB0935		2SB0936		2SB0937		
2SB0938		2SB0939		2SB0940		
2SB0941		2SB0942		2SB0943		
2SB0944		2SB0945		2SB0946		
2SB0947		2SB0948		2SB0949		
2SB0950		2SB0951		2SB0952		
2SB0953		2SB0954		2SB0956		
2SB0967		2SB0968		2SB0970		
2SB0976		2SB1000		2SB1001		
2SB1002		2SB1007		2SB1009		
2SA1584		2SB1011		2SB1012		
2SB1015		2SB1016		2SB1016		
2SB1018		2SB1020		2SB1025		
2SB1026		2SB1027		2SB1028		
2SB1030		2SB1031		2SB1032		
2SB1033		2SB1034		2SB1035		
2SB1036		2SB1037		2SB1046		
2SB1048		2SB1050		2SB1054		
2SB1056		2SB1057		2SB1058		
2SB1059		2SB1061		2SB1063		
2SB1064		2SB1065		2SB1066		
2SB1067		2SB1068		2SB1070		
2SB1071		2SB1072		2SB1073		
2SB1076		2SB1077		2SB1079		
2SA1634		2SB1085		2SB1091		
2SB1093		2SB1094		2SB1101		
2SB1103		2SB1108		2SB1109		
2SB1114		2SB1115		2SB1115		
2SB1116		2SB1116		2SB1117		
2SB1118		2SB1119		2SB1120		
2SB1121		2SB1122		2SB1123		
2SB1124		2SB1125		2SB1126		
2SB1127		2SB1130		2SB1131		
2SA1515		2SB1133		2SB1133		
2SB1134		2SB1135		2SB1136		
2SB1140		2SB1141		2SB1142		
2SB1143		2SB1144		2SB1148		
2SB1149		2SB1150		2SB1151		
2SB1154		2SB1155		2SB1156		
2SB1165		2SB1166		2SB1167		
2SB1168		2SB1169		2SB1172		
2SB1173		2SB1174		2SB1175		
2SB1176		2SB1179		2SB1180		
2SB1181		2SB1182		2SB1183		
2SB1184		2SB1186		2SB1189		
2SB1193		2SB1197		2SB1198		
2SB1201		2SB1202		2SB1203		
2SB1204		2SB1205		2SB1207		
2SB1209		2SB1214		2SB1215		
2SB1216		2SB1217		2SB1218		
2SB1219		2SB1220		2SB1221		
2SB1223		2SB1224		2SB1225		
2SB1226		2SB1227		2SB1228		
2SB1229		2SB1230		2SB1231		
2SB1232		2SB1234		2SB1235		
2SB1244		2SB1252		2SB1253		
2SB1254		2SB1255		2SB1257		
2SB1258		2SB1259		2SB1261		
2SB1266		2SB1267		2SB1268		
2SB1269		2SB1270		2SB1271		
2SB1274		2SB1278		2SB1282		
2SB1283		2SB1284		2SB1285		
2SB1288		2SB1294		2SB1295		
2SB1296		2SB1297		2SB1299		
2SB1300		2SB1302		2SB1308		
2SB1314		2SB1316		2SB1317		
2SB1318		2SB1319		2SB1320		
2SB1321		2SB1322		2SB1323		
2SB1324		2SB1325		2SB1326		
2SA1619		2SB1334		2SB1340		
2SB1342		2SB1344		2SA1633		
2SB1347		2SB1351		2SB1352		
2SB1357		2SB1361		2N3904		
2SB1370		2SB1371		2SB1375		
2SB1378		2SB1381		2SB1382		
2SB1383		2SB1387		2SB1388		
2SB1389		2SB1390		2SB1391		
2SB1392		2SB1393		2SB1394		
2SB1395		2SB1396		2SB1397		
2SB1398		2SB1399		2SB1400		
2SB1401		2SB1405		2SB1406		
2SB1407		2SB1409		2SB1411		
2SB1414		2SB1416		2SB1417		
2SB1418		2SB1420		2SB1424		
2SB1427		2SB1429		2SB1430		
2SB1431		2SB1432		2SB1434		
2SB1435		2SB1438		2SB1440		
2SA1797		2SB1446		2SB1448		
2SB1449		2SB1450		2SB1451		
2SB1452		2SB1453		2SB1454		
2SB1455		2SB1457		2SB1462		
2SB1463		2SB1467		2SB1468		
2SB1470		2SB1471		2SB1472		
2SB1474		2SB1475		2SB1475-T1	
2SB1481		2SB1488		2SB1490		
2SB1492		2SB1493		2SB1494		
2SB1495		2SB1502		2SB1503		
2SB1504		2SB1507		2SB1508		
2SB1509		2SB1510		2SB1511		
2SB1527		2SB1530		2SB1537		
2SB1539		2SB1548		2SB1553		
2SB1554		2SB1555		2SB1556		
2SB1557		2SB1558		2SB1559		
2SB1560		2SB1561		2SB1565		
2SB1566		2SB1568		2SB1569		
2SB1570		2SB1571		2SB1572		
2SB1574		2SB1578		2SB1587		
2SB1588		2SB1589		2SB1590		
2SB1592		2SB1593		2SB1594		
2SB1599		2SB1602		2SB1603		
2SB1604		2SB1605		2SB1606		
2SB1607		2SB1612		2SB1616		
2SB1617		2SB1623		2SB1624		
2SB1625		2SB1626		2SB1628		
2SB1629		2SB1631		2SB1638		
2SB1639		2SB1640		2SB1641		
2SB1642		2SB1643		2SB1645		
2SB1647		2SB1648		2SB1649		
2SB1653		2SB1657		2SB1658		
2SB1659		2SB1667		2SB1669		
2SB1679		2SB1683		2SB1685		
2SB1686		2SB1687		2SB1688		
2SB1690		2SB1691		2SB1693		
2SB1694		2SB1695		2SB1697		
2SB1698		2SB1699		2SB1700		
2SB1705		2SB1706		2SB1707		
2SB1708		2SB1709		2SB1710		
2SB1731		2SB1732		2SB324		
2SB370		2SB434		2SB435		
2SB493		2SB502		2SB507		
2SB507		2SB507		2SB514		
2SB515		2SB544		2SB546		
2SB546		2SB548		2SB554		
2SB560		2SB561		2SB562		
2SB564		2SB564		2SB566		
2SB592		2SB595		2SB596		
2SB596		2SB598		2SB601		
2SB605		2SB621		2SB624		
2SB631		2SB632		2SB633		
2SB633		2SB633		2SB633		
2SB642		2SB643		2SB646		
2SB647		2SB647		2SB649		
2SB649		2SB686		2SB688		
2SB688		2SB698		2SB710		
2SB713		2SB715		2SB717		
2SB727		2SB733		2SB734		
2SB736		2SB738		2SB740		
2SB745		2SB751		2SB754		
2SB764		2SB765		2SB766		
2SB767		2SB768		2SB772		
2SB772		2SB774		2SB775		
2SB776		2SB778		2SB788		
2SB789		2SB790		2SB791		
2SB792		2SB794		2SB798		
2SB799		2SB800		2SB804		
2SB805		2SB808		2SB810		
2SA812		2SB814		2SB815		
2SB816		2SB817		2SB817		
2SB817		2SB819		2SB824		
2SB825		2SB825		2SB826		
2SB826		2SB827		2SB827		
2SB828		2SB829		2SB831		
2SB834		2SB834		2SB856		
2SB857		2SB857		2SB859		
2SB860		2SB861		2SB865		
2SB873		2SB874		2SB880		
2SB881		2SB882		2SB883		
2SB884		2SB885		2SB886		
2SB887		2SB888		2SB892		
2SB893		2SB899		2SB902		
2SB903		2SB904		2SB905		
2SB906		2SB907		2SB908		
2SB909		2SB910		2SB912		
2SB913		2SB919		2SB920		
2SB921		2SB922		2SB926		
2SB927		2SB928		2SB929		
2SB930		2SB931		2SB932		
2SB933		2SB934		2SB935		
2SB936		2SB939		2SB940		
2SB941		2SB942		2SB943		
2SB944		2SB945		2SB946		
2SB947		2SB948		2SB949		
2SB950		2SB952		2SB953		
2SB954		2SB955		2SB956		
2SB962		2SB963		2SB967		
2SB970		2SB976		2SB984		
2SB985		2SB986		
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